Older Driver Awareness Month

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Older Driver Awareness Month

Older Driver Awareness Month

The oregon dmv is hoping you'll ask your older relatives about their driving..

This holiday season.

As kezi 9 news reporter jillian smukler shows us... the idea behind "older driver awareness week" is to spark a conversation about safety on the roads... and when it might be time to hang up the keys.

Intro: the oregon dmv says there are quite a few signs& that could help you decide whether a loved one should continue to drive.

Do they get lost on familiar roads?

Feel nervous behind the wheel?

Or have a lot of close calls?

Dennis marshall has been driving for about 50 years..

He thinks he should be able to assess his own skills -- and make a decision about whether it's still safe to be on the road.

Dennis, "why should young people make decisions for us older people?"

The oregon dmv is hoping this awareness week sparks tough conversations..

And wants to remind people to watch for changes that could affect your ability on the road.

As you get older, you might have slower reflexes... you can't see or hear as well... and you might get tired quicker.

Also, remember... some medications can affect your judgement...vision... and reaction time.

If it's hard to look at these things objectively... try to remember..

If someone who cares about you is telling you not to drive, it's probably for good reason.

Sandra, "i should know by myself and maybe with my loved one telling me you know maybe you're not driving as safe as you could but then again if you have an accident or something...this really...you need to stop driving then you listen and do it."

Dennis marshall says after all these years, he still feels safe behind the wheel... we've got to trust them, i don't trust them.

And doesn't plan on handing over the keys anytime soon..

Tag: coming up on kezi 9 news at six hear from older drivers about why they say driving is a privilege.... not a right.

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