Some questions answered, some remain about 700 student school merger

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Some questions answered, some remain about 700 student school merger

Some questions answered, some remain about 700 student school merger

At 11" concerned parents have more context after a 4-j work session tonight about a controvercial school merger... but questions still remain.

Thanks for joining us, i'm chynna greene.

Kezi 9 news reporter chris lueneburg is in the studio with details about what the school board had to say.

Tonight's meeting was largely a look back at how planning has gone since voters passed the 319 million dollar bond to replace 3 aging schools in 2018... board members tell us the process has been going on for three years... but some parents are anxious as construction nears and details are still being ironed out.

The new north eugene high school will be displacing yujin gakuen and cooridor elementaries.... and parents are wondering why they will be merged with the old north high and kelly middle school respectively instead of getting a new transition school like schools in the south... according to administrators, budget constraints guided their decisions.

"we have a 319 dollar bond.

So i get a little nervous when we start to play with the money a little bit in terms of not being able to completely fulfill what we promised our voters."

4j spokesperson kerry delf says that building transition schools is costly... in south eugene there weren't any other options but to build one... in north eugene, though other options were considered... kelly and north eugene could accommodate students while being cost-efficient.

"we recognize that as we get into the implementation, combining, looking at things, that we are going to have to work through some of the issues."

Parents at kelly and yujin gakuen are still concern ed that combining over 700 students into the school may be short-sighted.

"i think they are doing their best to address the scenerio.

It's unfortunate that we don't have the funds available or the room or the time to just generate a new building out of nowhere."

Teachers also say the unknowns about how the kelly will accommodate the students is a cause for stress.

"we have a huge number of teachers who have spend their entire career dedicated to our school and our building and our students, and they are looking at it like, 'maybe this is the time to go."

According to delf, due complex circumstances, teacher's jobs are secure regardless of how the transition impacts enrollment.

While questions remain, administrators seem hopeful that the problems will be solved.

"this is a transition that's difficult for people that are in it.

But i'm looking long range, 20, 30, 40 years from now, what do we want our programs to be."

Administrators from kelly middle school will be discussing their transition plans specifically at a second work session on december 4th.

Reporting in the studio, i'm chris

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