From The Archives: Blue Orleans restaurant

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

From The Archives: Blue Orleans restaurant

As a Food Network show comes to Chattanooga to renovate Blue Orleans, we go back to 2010 for the story on why the Adams opened the restaurant here.

They were fleeing Hurricane Katrina.

From The Archives: Blue Orleans restaurant

This week we told you how the "restaurant impossible" show is coming to chattanooga this month to re-make a local restaurant.

The food network show is inviting everyone out to the grand reopening christmas week of blue orleans on main street.

For our thursday throwback, we're taking you back to 2010 to remind you why mike and cherita adams opened it here in the first place.

"when you talk about katrina there are so many emotions."

Emotions that still boil over for michael and cherita adams.....even five years later.... "i have a love hate relationship with new orleans.

I love it because that's where i was born, that's where i grew up, my entire family.

I hate it because when the city wasn't ready...when it was in poor conditions, they said come back.

They lied."

The adams family evacuated before katrina hit, but most of their relatives stayed behind..... "i did not hear from my mom until four days after the storm had hit, and i was a part of her rescue.

I had to basically take an assortment of transportation to get there, it took me six days to get to her."

Cherita adams' mother talked about being trapped in new orleans.... "they were taken out of of their home and dropped on the interstate where she slept for two days she said the worst part was at night and you could hear the babies crying and the mother's weeping because children were hungry, she was hungry."

3:57:12 "they had to tread through that toxic water and in doing that she fell and almost drowned.

" adams' mother returned to new orleans after katrina, but passed away a year later..... "a year after that she took very ill, there was a cough that wouldn't go away she lost a lot of weight."

"i guess your question is "is hurricane katrina responsible?

Yeah" five years later, the adams are a fixture in the chattanooga community that embraced them, the owners of blue orleans seafood restaurant downtown... "from the minute we came in, we would have people walk into the resaurant and they would say i'm so glad you are here god bless you we are praying for you welcome."

"it's kind of sad to leave, but at the same time, it's ok to come back to chattanooga and have it to be home right now."

The adams hope their

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