Robber falls through ceiling

Credit: KDRV
Published on December 6, 2019 -
Phoenix police department

Robber falls through ceiling

"right now the phoenix police department is trying to figure out who spent their monday morning trying to break into these shops right here that are located right off of i-5 at exit 24."

Police say the suspect tried to break into an office in this plaza before the sun was up while businesses were still closed.

The suspect climbed onto the roof and entered the building through an unlocked cover.

He climbed down inside the roof... walked a little ways... and ended up falling through the ceiling at this salon.

Police say they don't know where the man was hoping to land.

Here in this shop.

Or next door at this dispensary.

But he left on foot with 75- dollars.

Right now they're gathering all the survelliance video they can.

And asking the public in the area to come forward if they know anything about the crime... or if they saw a man in this area wearing a big coat with if you have any information, call

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