Columbia Industries Expands

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
December 5, 2019

Columbia Industries Expands

A local organization that helps people in need get connected to the right job or the right resource is celebrating a physical expansion...and a more internal one.

Columbia industries had a ribbon-cutting this week for "empowerment place"..

An on-site resource center where anyone can walk through the doors and be connected with a variety of resources -- that could be food benefits, tranpsportaiotn, affordable housing, addiction services and more.

It's all apart of columbia industries' vision to expand their overall reach.

(justin: "traditionally columbia industries has helped persons with disabilities, and we've been geared toward employment but something we realized over time, is that put us in a tight operational box, but it also limited how we could help people."brian: "this really is a whole new front, not only a new lobby but also a new presentation to our community, it really represents the transformation of us into a broader range of services that we're offering to the community.") columbia industries is located at 900 south dayton in kennewick

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