Northwest ready for quarterfinals showdown with Ferris State

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Northwest ready for quarterfinals showdown with Ferris State

Northwest ready for quarterfinals showdown with Ferris State

Season a year ago... <<(nat sound: last play of 2018 game)(sot, rich wright: "we talked about it.

It really springboarded everything moving forward.

We came back to campus and had a team meeting.")northwest's 2018 season ended in big rapids, michigan....(nat sound)(sot, rich wright: "the disappointment is in the locker room and on the flight home, then you have to let it go and move forward.")losing in the second round of the playoffs...motivated this bearcat team...especially with a group wanting to leave their own legacy...(sot, rich wright: "it's to take the next step and get to the final four.

It's talking to a group of kids about for the first time really in their careers this would be on their backs cause for a lot of them, they were red-shirt were able to get to the final four.

It just means a little more when you're the last time..when the theird third four years...(nat sound)(sot, andy hessler: freshman the last time that we made long snapper, that was my only job senior class, they want it to be on our backs and us carry that want to of getting our class but it's the bulldogs, who 'cats out of the postseason last year..way... (sot, andy hessler: the last two weeks, it's win or go home.

We're in the round of 8 and going to play a good football team, but that's how it should be.")>> here are the last five times northwest made it to the quarterfinal round... quarterfinal northwest made here are the be.")>>

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