Disagreement over new hire

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Freeborn County's board of commissioners is at odds with the Sheriff once again

Disagreement over new hire

Between sheriff and comissioners in freeborn county.

Continuing coverage kimt news 3 brought you continuing coverage as sheriff kurt freitag took to the courts for a salary raise á after being denied by the county board of comissioners.

Isabella in bigmo that battle is still unfolding..

But kimt news 3's isabella basco is finding out there's another dispute now.

She joins us live to explain.


George... the issue is over an open patrol sargeant position.

I found out today that sheriff freitag and the county administrator are looking at two different sets of data when it comes to filling this position.

While both sides now agree hiring someone is right... freitag simply wishes there was more communication.

Xxx freeborn county sheriff kurt freitag was flabbergasted when the board of commissioners voted to table consideration of filling a vacant sergeant position in september.

Then yesterday á the board voted to fill that position.

"the board in september decided to table that request to gather more information.

The information was gathered during a work session and throughout those several weeks between there.

They decided it was prudent to fill that sergeant position."

Freitag says the board sited arrest data for freeborn county.

He says that data was all wrong.

"i had our staff pull data and explain how this isn't accurate where this is."

Freitag showed me data indicating there were 605 total arrests in 2018 á while the administration reports there were only 230 arrests that year.

The sheriff wants better communication.

"communication is always king, in the future, if there is an issue, if they are wondering if we need to reáfill a vacancy, let's sit down and talk about it right away."

County administrator thomas jensen wants to move forward.

"we have things we need to focus on for 2020 and that's what we're gonna do."

As for the sheriff á he's happy to have the sergeant's position filled.

"it's good for our people á it's added safety for our deputies on the the freeborn county administrator says the job posting will be online immediately per union contracts and the sergeants will be at full force.

Live in rochester... ib... kimt news 3.

/// kimt news 3 reached out to district 2 commissioner dan belshan who says: "doing due diligence can sometimes take longer than people wish.

After the board studied it thoroughly... said belshan... we found that hiring was the right way to go."/// kimt stormteam

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