Tri-State Woman Helps Decorate The White House

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Tri-State Woman Helps Decorate The White House

Tri-State Woman Helps Decorate The White House

New tonight at nine?

As people across the nation decorate their homes for christmas?

First lady melania trump unveils*her decorations this year at the white house.

"the spirit of america" is this year's theme?

Honoring gold star families and the rich history behind our nation.

But every time you catch a glimpse of this year's decorations?

You can think about jasper, indiana.

That's because a woman right here in the tr?state helped the first lady decorate this year.

44news reporter joylyn bukovac caught up with maureen braun in jasper tonight and joins us live in the studio with more.



Braun has more than 40 years of christmas decorating experience.

But describes the days she spent decorating the white house as the super bowl of christmas decorating.

Maureen brau?

The wife of u.s. republican senator mike brau?

Describes the white house after all the christmas trees are up and all the rooms transformed into a winter wonderland.

"the smells of the trees were what was amazing.

I've never smelled that many all in one room or in one area and just the beauty of all the color and the splash of color and the lights and all of the decor coming together.

It really is a very special place."

This year braun was one of thousands to apply to be part of the white house winter beautification team.

She and more than two hundred others were chosen.

"when you get 225 people that love christmas as much as i do, you can imagine the energy level is great."

Braun has been helping spread holiday cheer since 1?78?

When she opened finishing touche?

A home decor and gift shop in jasper.

But her love for christmas started even before that.

"i love the christmas carols.

I love the decor and i really love the community and family that christmas brings."

Which is what made decorating the executive mansio?

A dream come true.

All of the decorations were designed by first lady melania trump.

"it's just an honor to be a part of something that is appreciated throughout through the whole united states."

All of the designs are meant to embody american traditions and historical milestones.

There are also trees decked out in gold stars and patriotic bow?

Paying tribute to the families who never got to see their soldiers again.

Braun and the rest of the beautification team had just three days to make melania trump's vision a reality.

"i got to make ornaments that were like little books.

Those are ones who got into the green room."

Braun says she's not allowed to divulge too many details regarding the white house's transformati on.

But the full project should be released soon.

Joylyn bukovac, 44news.


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