4A South still runs through Poplarville: third title game appearance in 4

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

4A South still runs through Poplarville: third title game appearance in 4

Poplarville football is no stranger to the big stage in recent years, having now gone to the 4A State Championship game in three out of the last four seasons.

4A South still runs through Poplarville: third title game appearance in 4

- poplarville football is no- stranger to the big stage, in - recent years... having now gone- to the 4-a state championship - game... in three out of the las- four seasons.

- but historically... it's what - happens next... that the- hornets are trying to alter,- this time around... as a- program still in search... of - its first-ever gold ball.

- from top dog to underdog... the- time is now.- - nat ---> "family on three!

One,- two, three, - family!

Woo"- "nah.

I've been talking about i- all week with my other players.- we're just like it- doesn't even seem real.

This is- a very unreal thing considering- our start - and how we've been through the- season."- poplarville's recent south stat- championship- track record speaks for - itself... but in this case... s- did - its rocky start... to the 20-19- season.

- "people looking at us like we - weren't going to win because of- the beginning of our- season.

We started out 1-4, and- it was looking bad and people - were doubting - us."- by the time october rolled- - - - around, for the hornets... thos- four losses were already more - than their three defeats... - - - - from the previous two seasons - combined.

- down but not out... it took a - 38-point drubbing, from - another eventual south state- champion... to finally- - - - change the tide... literally.

- "our lowest point of the season- would probably be playing - against picayune.

- fussing at each other because w- were having a bad game and- coming from - there, learning from it."

- "i knew we had potential to be - good team.

After a 1-4 start, i- was starting to - maybe possibly doubt if we were- ever going to reach our - potential.

But our kids have- done a great job of just playin- with a lot more determination,- intensity.

And we've- had a bunch of kids playing - hurt.

A bunch of kids stepping- in, doing things that they- didn't do in the beginning of - the year, changing positions.

S- super proud of these- guys, and where we're at to thi- point."

- poplarville's only other loss - came at the hands of region - 7 class 4-a champion greene - county... after which the - hornets started handing the bal- off, to senior captain zac- owen... for the first time all- season.

- 500-plus yards... 11- touchdowns... and five wins - later... 4-a south- still runs through the hornets- nest.

- "we were definitely thankful fo- the opportunity to go back to - south state.

There- were a lot of people that - counted us out from the - beginning of the season, and we- knew we wanted to get back ther- and right our wrongs and get on- that revenge- tour to get the ring back."

- sitting at 9-5 overall... - poplarville is one of just two- teams out of the 12, in state..- with single-digit wins, up to - this point.

- the hornets now draw a 13-win - corinth squad... fresh off back- to-back victories... over - previously un-defeated- opponents.- which is why it's all about the- size of the sting... in the - bee...- "our heart is unbelievable.

- we've got a team full of people- with big hearts - and we go out there and lay it- on the line every snap, and - that's what it takes to get the- job done."- "those teams that get to a stat- championship with a 9-5 record,- you can - respect the team and their grit- and their determination, even - more sometimes as - you can a team that's 13-1."- - - - - the average win total, of the - entire state championship - field... is more than 12.

- the hornets and warriors will - kick things off, at 11 a-m- saturday...

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