City Spotlight: Elvis' Childhood Friend

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
Published on December 6, 2019 -
City Spotlight: Elvis' Childhood Friend

City Spotlight: Elvis' Childhood Friend

Tupelo or that you live in tupelo... it almost never fails that someone will say, 'hey, isn't that where elvis was born?'

Elvis spent his childhood here... eventually having to move with his family to memphis at age 13... to understand his life and the fun times he had running around the downtown area... i spoke with a very close friend of his growing up... the greatest entertainer of all time ."

Presley's childhood friend) director of the elvis presley birthplace) "i cherish our childhood..."

Sam bell was born in tupelo and has lived here ever since... raised by his grandparents... bell and his family lived on green street... and it was there that he would meet a best friend... "they moved in right next to us.

Their backyard lead right into our property."

Out of the homes elvis and his family lived tupelo... his birthplace stands tall and is visited by people from around the country... "he wanted the city to have this place..."

So after one of his concerts in the fairgrounds... he donated all of the proceeds... "so that they could buy this 15 acres and develop a park for the kids on this side of of course you can always visit elvis presley's birthplace to learn more about his life and upbrining in tupelo... its open from nine until five monday through saturday and one until five on sundays.... controversies

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