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After a historical campaign a season ago..

The ??c women didn't lose a single starter..

And are picking up right where they left off.

Andrew garcia caught up with the panthers..

Who are after even bigger goals this year.

2019 was a historic season in many ways for the kwc womens basketball team.

The panthers claimed a share of the ?mac title, and made their first ncaa tournament in 6 years.

It's always good to see your hard work pay off, they just stuck to the process they stuck to being together and working hard everyday, so it was great for the girls to really be able to feel that at the end of the season.

It was really fun, it was a goal all season.

It was an awesome accomplishment to get there for one.

Going into it, playing here, on our home court, everyone was here supporting us so that was a lot of fun.

It was great, we had a good culture going, we all worked hard every day so it was good to see that pay off.

We worked really hard together and we're like a family so, to see that come come together, and we only lost one person so, we're looking forward to that again this year.

The panthers have not lost a beat on the defensive end, as they are currently allowing just over 51 points a game.

It's easy for teams to feed off their offense, and we want to be a team that feeds off their defense and i feel like me and all my teammates believe it too and my coaches that defense wins games and if you can play defense the offense is just going to flow.

Every practice we give it our all on defense.

Defense wins ballgames is our saying this year and that's what we drill on in practice.

We work on our offense but our main focus is defense and we're very passionate about it.

Kwc is also picking up where they left off last year at the sports center.

The panthers are currently riding a 21 game home winning streak.

Coaches would agree that we don't want that to be the spotlight of our season, we want it to keep going to the tournament so, it's exciting.

It's really cool to see people noticing us in the media but we've just got to keep doing our thing.

We have a lot of talent.

We gained some new people that are really going to help us this year, and just believing in ourselves and taking it one game at a time.

In owensboro, andrew garcia,

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