Singer At Olive Garden Goes Viral

Credit: KVEW
Published on December 6, 2019 -
KAPP-KVEW sat down with the singer, Alphonso Nichols.

Singer At Olive Garden Goes Viral

> a kennewick olive garden server has gone viral.> alphonso nichols's angelic voice has made him a local celebrity.

And today, kapp- kvew's kaitlin knapp sat down with nichols to learn more about his passion for singing.

(alphonso nichols/singer/server, olive garden "you never know what impact you have for that person that day.")every year, we celebrate the day we came into this world.many are treated to a night out, and your typical rendition of "happy birthday."but at this olive garden'll find alphonso nichols.his angelic pipes went viral.alphonso nichols/singer/server, olive garden "one of the servers walked up to me and said hey, your video has about 50,000 views on it and i was like "what?"

álaughs what do you mean?didn't see it coming at all.the discovery of his gift goes way back.alphonso nichols/singer/server, olive garden "i started singing at about five-years-old just with my family, with my father through church.alphonso nichols/singer/server, olive garden "just through the years i've practiced and practiced and it became a love of mine.nichols has been singing at olive garden for a year.

Alphonso nichols/singer/server, olive garden "people have been coming in for their birthdays and requesting me to sing to them which has been nice and fun."others get the unexpected surprise.for nichols, it's about the never know when your moment will come.

You never know, i mean i don't even know when my moment will come.

I mean, i'm still embracing this attention that i'm getting now.just any way that i can share my gift i would love to do kennewick, kaitlin knapp, kapp- kvew local news.

> nichols is currently working on a christian album.> he plans to release

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