Rose-Hulman hosts Edible Car Contest

Credit: WTHI
Published on December 6, 2019 -
Rose-Hulman hosts Edible Car Contest

Rose-Hulman hosts Edible Car Contest

Get one soon!

New for you tonight at 10... area students enjoyed science in a fun way at rose hulman institute of technology!

Rose hosted its annual "edible car contest" tonight.

Third through 8th graders from all over the wabash valley took part.

They worked in teams to use a variety of edible items to create vehicles.

At the end, teams raced their creations down a ramp to calculate the average velocity of their cars.

It's a fun chance to not only learn "stem"..but also to build communication and teamwork skills.

Maggie sheerin/event organizer i think it's important to like instill like the engineering concept in kids' mind like when they're younger so they can like go through like their grade school and high school years they can like pick up on more and more engineering things.

The kids raced the vehicles down a track.

When they finished..

They were able to of course

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