Muddy Ground hurting tree Harvest

Credit: KIMT
Published on December 6, 2019 -
Is Christmas spirit stuck in the mud?

Muddy Ground hurting tree Harvest

It's been an odd year of weather for farmers of all kinds.

Most crops are out of the ground by now, but the rollar coaster temperatures are throwing off the christmas tree harvest.

Fisher trees of clear lake announced on its facebook page that its closing its forest city tree farm due to wet soil leading to muddy conditions á and selling off what's left of its pre cut trees.

It's the first time the nearly 30 year old tree farm has had to stop operations during the season.

Owner mark fisher says it's a problem other growers have been facing á saying the mud is "the farmer that nearly got stuck out there put a trench in the sod about 6á7 inches deep, that i'll get to fix later this spring."

Fisher has redirected customers to other

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