Developments are on the way in Allen County

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Developments are on the way in Allen County

Developments are on the way in Allen County

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There are new developments proposed in fort of many in allen county.its a trend officials say we should see for years to 55's chris mullooly is live at citizens square.chris... where are these developments located??hunter... they're popping up all over the county.

The most competitive spots we're told are in the northwest and southwest parts of the county.the trend of buying up land and using it for housing developments isn't new... but since the area picked itself out of the recession in 2008... it's more and more popular.

The grass plains of indiana... making room for more and more developments.the consistency of for sale and closed signs around allen county has made it one of the hottest real estate markets in the country..."if they're moving from elseswhere they want to go"and officials say developments... and the construction of them... won't stop anytime soon"you're seeing a large concentratoin of development in certain parts of town but its a continuation of that upswing" tyler kees is the president of the home builders association...and says proposals like a 34 unit multi family development on illinois road... has been the trend for years."as they progressed now there's a pent up demand and looking back at the association statistics fort wayne is the hottest market in the country so there's a lot of demand so development has to take place"the 15 acre unit on illinois is one of many slated on the december planning commission meeting.

Others on north noyer road and coldwater road have hundreds of units proposed."we have prices that continue to go up as residential develoment is popular and hot in certain areas the price of ground goes up so it'll go up its just natural inflation"kees says the developments aren't catered to one group... just in the last few months..

Senior housing... low to moderate incoming and upscale housing have all been proposed...crediting developers... kees says as long as the land is there..

Construction will continue for a wide range of potential allen county homeowners."you don't go put in only high end developments or only low end developments you can't just put price point developments in" there were 905 building permits issued in allen county... the most by a landslide in any county surrounding it...but that number is actually the lowest its been in the last four years.there are concerns of added traffic... noise pollution and clutter of housing neighbors of developments have can voice those opinions here... when the development commission will hold a public meeting monday december ninth at five thirty.reporting in fort wayne chris mullooly fox 55.

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