New plan aims to keep drivers safe on Skyway

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

New plan aims to keep drivers safe on Skyway

A new plan aims to help drivers stay safe on a stretch of the Skyway between Chico and Paradise, known for multiple accidents.

New plan aims to keep drivers safe on Skyway

Butte county is moving ahead with a highway safety project for a dangerous stretch of the skyway.

Action news now reporter laura eng is live at lookout point with the latest..

Butte county public works just closed bids this morning and got 5 contractors who applied to get guardrails on this portion of the skyway behind me over here.

This goes back to 2014 where 19- year-old brianna cassidy was hit and killed by a drowsy driver.

Since then her parents, rod and mary.

Have been pushing for guardrails to be set up in this area.

We spoke with them earlier about the progress that's being made.

It's a milestone.

Once we see this happen, it's taken three years to get to this point and a lot of time, effort and prayer, and talking with the county officials and finally, even after the camp fire, this horrible disaster, it's coming to fruition and so that's a real milestone for us.

Butte county public works says it will now review all the applications and select a contractor for the project.

Caltrans is one- hundred percent funding this project through the highway safety project.

Live in paradise, laura eng action news now coverage you can count on.# butte county public works director dennis schmidt said his department will meet with supervisors in january to get final approval on the project.


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