Kamin Furniture needs your help Crossroads

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

Kamin Furniture needs your help Crossroads

Kamin Furniture’s annual Christmas giveaway to a Veteran family in need is coming up, and they are seeking the Crossroads help in finding that family.

Kamin Furniture needs your help Crossroads

Kamin furniture needs your help crossroads.

They are asking for nominations of crossroads veterans and their families for their annual christmas giveaway.

Buddy and bentley kamin came by the studio today to tell us why this program is so important to their family.

"you know, i think it's very...very tough, uh, when you see these commercials of these children in these third world countries and impoverished places.

But we have so much of that in our own backyard.

So bentley and i and my other two sons, we, we really have drilled down on this area and like i said, seven counties and now just really focusing on trying to find that military family, give us a name.

Nobody ever knows who we are, our work hiring, we, we have our little secret way of investigating the, the nominee.

And, um, they not only get a house full of furniture, like clothes, they get money.

Um, i mean, it's a fabulous, fabulous, program every year."

"you could nominate by going to our website, you can mail a letter to our store.

Um, there'll be all the information will be on our website.

You can go to facebook.

So there's several different ways of getting us the information that we're needed.

But please remember, you cannot nominate yourself.

You are going to have to nominate someone else."

To find out more about how you can nominate a veteran family -- come to crossroads today dot com.

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