Akira's Foundation helps other families

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

Akira's Foundation helps other families

Seven-year-old Akira loves gymnastics and dance, and her mother says she was loving and outgoing, until a single mistake changed her life forever.

Akira's Foundation helps other families

New at six-- take a look at this little girl.

7 year old akira loves gymnastics and dance and her mother says she was loving and outgoing until a single mistake changed her life forever.

The little girl wanted to eat a cup of noodles-- but the soup out of the microwave was too hot and burned akira so badly she almost died.

After that awful experience, her family realized how many challeges other families have while trying to deal with life threatening emergencies-- and they're ready to do something about it.

Katerina chryssafis has their story-- you'll only see on four news now.

The family says this was by far the hardest thing they've ever had to go through.but they're trying to turn this dark period into something positive, by starting their own foundation -- so that they can help families who may be going through something similar.

On the surface, 7-year-old akira looks like lots of girls her agebut her bubbly personality changed with a terrible accident."she was non- responsive, she wouldn't talk, she wouldn't look at me."

Alisha presson, akira's mom akira was burned."we didn't even know if she was going to make it."in april, akira's mom alisha was badly hurt after a car accident.she hired a caregiver to help her out around the house..."my daughter asked me if i could make her a cup of noodles..

So i put it in the microwave.."

The caregiver, she says, gave her daughter the soup without checking how hot it was "she had went to the microwave, got it out and handed it to my daughter on the couch and my daughter spilled it all in front of her."just from the soup, akira was burned so badly she had to be airlifted to seattle to treat third and fourth degree burns.she's had two skin grafts.it's been a long road...the hotels and rental cars and all that stuff has already cost us at least $10,000and the bills keep piling up.although they struggled financially -- they say they're making it.they are worried others may not be able to.i met a lot of families that were over there that were sleeping in the lobby.

Grandmotherthat's why akira's mother and grandmother decided to start 'akira's foundation' we decided that it would be really good to use this experience to give back.their goal is to pay for a place to stay, ..

Transportation... Food, clothing what ever a family needs in an emergency.

They hope this foundation will let other families focus on getting their children better-- and not have to worry about less important things.it takes a community to make a difference, and we can all work together to help other families.

They hope someday they'll be able to even buy an apartment where families can stay.they want to call it 'akira's house.'the family also has a few fundraising events coming up.we have all of that information for you on kxly.comin studio..katerina chryssafis...4 news now.

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