Students protest professor's return

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

Students protest professor's return

UW-Madison grad students took to Engineering Hall today to protest the return of a professor.

Students protest professor's return

The 20s in the afternoon.

Uw-madison grad students took to engineering mall today to protest the return of a professor.

Charlotte deleste has more on the concerns regarding professor akbar sayeed.


Eric and susan - three years ago following the suicide of one of the professor's graduate students - the university investigated and found that sayeed did violate the uw's policy on hostile and intimidating behavior.

He was suspended for 2 years.

But now he's due to return in the upcoming spring semester in an administrative capacity.

Well, grad students delivered a petition, with more than 2- thousand signatures, to the provost, karl scholz, asking for an additional investigation.

They say they're unsatisfied with the punishment and believe he should have been fired.

((( jad salman/grad student protestor @142158: "so in general we want to condemn any kind of abuse..

And we don't want to promote it in any way... and it should really not be tolerated in any way."

142209 ))) this all stems from original investigative reporting in the wisconsin state journal..

The university says when sayeed returns, he will not be teaching..

And won't have contact with students.

However, those protesting today -- aren't accepting that.

They say sayeed's hostile, abusive, and intimidating behavior led to the 2016 suicide of john brady.

John was working toward his ph-d in the uw's wireless communications and sensing

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