Bibb County Schools receive free smart phones, wifi

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Bibb County District Schools provided nearly 350 smartphones to its students.

Bibb County Schools receive free smart phones, wifi

Anthony andrews -- died from his injuries.

The other driver remains in the hospital in critical condition.

The bibb county school district is participating in the one million project foundation to help close the homework gap within the district.

The program provides students without reliable internet access... with smartphones or wi-fi hotspots... and a monthly data plan.

41nbc's jatrissa wooten has more.

:31-:34 :45-:49 1:12-1:16 the bibb county district provided nearly 350 smartphones to its students "1, 147 more are being delivered today" after applying for a nationwide grant.

Iphones with internet access were given to students who do not have access to high-speed internet or internet access at all.

Those students will now have the ability to research or complete their homework assignments without limitations.

"they have 10 gigs of internet, anytime anywhere" "iphones and internet is all apart of the 1 million project foundation.

An organization the helps with equity and technological services.

Students here at northeast high say they are nothing but grateful.

" "in 9 through 12th grade i didn't have no internet" students who received smartphones, qualified by doing a survey to find out which students were in need of the internet.

"i had told them that i needed more wifi so i can get my work done faster instead of waiting to come to school struggling " students who bibb county is one of seven school districts in the state ... selected to participate.

The warner robins air logistics complex, and middle georgia state university are launching a center for software innovation.

They held a ribbon-cutting for the new software center at m-g-s-u's warner robins campus.

Officials say they expect students, faculty, and others to use the center in hopes it will benefit businesses and nonprofits.

The center for software innovation is a great opportunity for collaboration.

The really interesting thing is that you're going to have, the community is going to have the opportunity to work with students and faculty to solve the communities challenges that's a great opportunity we've got some amazing students.

The university's school of computing

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