Mississippi State president visits Gulfport High School

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

Mississippi State president visits Gulfport High School

Local high school students received a big visit from one of the state’s top educators today to talk about the benefits of higher education.

Mississippi State president visits Gulfport High School

For- more- information about donating, you- can visit the blood center's- website.- - local high school students- recieved a big visit from one o- the state's top educators today- to talk about the benefits of - higher education.

- news 25's grant chighizola has- more from gulfport high - school.

- - dr. mark keenum was born in - starkville, graduated from- mississippi state university an- - - - has been president of msu for - ten years.- the top bulldog visited the - admirals to talk about the- virtues of a college education- and planning for the- future.

- sot-dr.mark keenum: president,- mississippi state - university- "we've got to have our young people today, while they're in- high school, thinking - about their future, to prepare- themselves for this changing- world of tomorrow."

Not only di keenum talk about the wide rang- of degree - programs and departments at - m-s-u, but also how students- can thrive in an era of - technological innovation and- discovery.- sot-mark keenum - "when i see reports by the year 2030, that we could see as much- as 60 to 80 percent of the- jobs in 2030 will be jobs that- today don't exist, that tells m- - - - that our world is changing- rapidly."

Students in attendance took the- advice keenum gave to - heart.- senior ja-ny-lah ka-dare-ee-an- - - - has not decided where she'll- attend college, but keenum's- speech and willingness to meet- with prospective students has - her planning to schedule a- campus tour soon.

- sot-janilyah khadaran: gulfport- high senior - "he's really persuading.

Now i want to go there becasue of wha- he- said about it."

Fellow senior sam lee was - pleased that keenum focused - on academics as a cornerstone o- - - - mississippi state's appeal to - students like himself.- sot-sam lee: gulfport high- senior- "it kind of adds, adds a different perspective on it.

It- kind of brings in the whole,- full, - education side of things rather- than what you just hear about - football, - baseball, you know, sports.

- and while education is a key- component of life, keenum - stresses to students that being- a good person and - learning to navigate life is- just as important.- sot-dr. mark keenum - "but it's also more than just education.

It's how students- live in their life that i share- with them, cause i want to give- them life advice to help them b- prepared for their- future."

At gulfport high school, grant- - -

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