Downtown Community Forum

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
Forum meets to discuss progress of Downtown Revitalization Initiative grant.

Downtown Community Forum

Utica's downtown community forum hosted a meeting this evening at the veterans' outreach center.

On the agenda tonight, the recently awarded $10 million downtown revitalization initiative grant.

Specifically, how that money will be spent and who will be making that decision.

The next step in the process will be to form a planning committee and those in attendance agreed that the committee should represent those living and working in downtown utica.

As far as how the grant money will be spent, one of the attendees that we talked to wants to see the city take an eco- friendly approach.

"when you're building those park- like structures, that are narrowing throad, you can put in water management.

You can make sure there's not curbing forcing the water to continue down genesee street.

We also want to be capturing the water that's on the impeious surfe.

The roofs are llecting water.

If we were to put in some green roofs - where the water actually stayed on the roof and didn't flood off the roof, that mu water would not be going down to the next person."

The next downtown community forum is scheduled for january

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