East Buchanan keeps Iba family legacy going in northwest Missouri

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Published on November 26, 2019 -
East Buchanan keeps Iba family legacy going in northwest Missouri

East Buchanan keeps Iba family legacy going in northwest Missouri

<<(nat sound: court unviel) (sot, dave elms: "it's true basketball royalty.")(nat sound: car driving)if i told you that one of the most influential early basketball families grew up in northwest missouri..would you believe me?

(sot, skip iba: "i don't think any of us really understood how important those guys were a lot of time.")the four iba brothers...henry, howard, clarence, and earlborn to farmers in easton...went on to leave their mark on the game of basketball...(sot, moe iba: "they're hadn't been that many brothers have that kind of success ever.")between the four brothers...more than 1,000 career coaching wins... with henry iba holding more than 750 of those...(sot, moe iba: "he was a special person because the other coaches thought so much of him and they thought a lot of clarence, howard, and earl.

It's a good feeling.")but when dave elms and east buchanan made the decision to honor the iba's...the family wanted to make sure..all five, yes, five siblings honored..especially the lone sister...lucille... (sot, skip iba: "but when they included lucille, it made all the difference in the world because she took care of all four of those kids and they loved her dearly.

It was a shame she didn't have an opportunity to play after high school because she was a quality athlete and probably would have already had her name on the court.")you can spend all day discussing the iba family's legacy...and their family has...especially..

Henry's son moe...and clarence's sons gene and skip...(sot, gene iba: "i'ts special to have that and i would be lying to you if i didn't say it wasn't special to me and the rest of the family.")but also to the coaching profession..like missouri hall of fame coach norm stewart who looked up to henry...(sot, norm stewart: "he was probably the most influential of me getting my first head coaching job at the university of northern iowa and when he did, it opened up opportunities for me.

He cared about people.")a name synomyous with basketball... (sot, skip iba: "i don't think any of us realized how our family was looked at because none of the people, the five people, we're honoring would ever think of themselves as important.")but now, the iba name will live on in the community...they unknowlingly left an impact on..(nat sound) chris roush..kq2

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