Parents as Teachers

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Parents as Teachers Interview

Parents as Teachers

Koam news now facebook page and let us know your $0.2 pass along some or your comments as we go through the show now speaking of k through 12 education, joined by kerry.

Klaus the a program coordinator parents as teachers in care, whether you guys come on because it's very interactive and what not to one start with the a quick question the success that you're seeing with your program right now.

>> well we're currently in joplin and serving over 300 family business.

And that typically means when we say serving a family is like we usually see our families once a month with a home visit.

We go we breeding an age appropriate activity.

These are some and we also bring developmental information.

And then and talk to the parents about any questions or concerns that they have.

And then try to bring them information to help support them in their parenting journey and i want to start with some of the activities that we have here what is the importance of being able to engage and interact with somebody.

>> and almost percent education activity as a toy.

Well play is learning that's one of our main focuses and parents as teachers.

>> hands on activity.

That's exactly how children learn.

And so this is an example for all the news we can steal of yeah, these are we try to bring things that parents can replicate for a copy of the activity at home.

So this is ball's in a bowl.

And usually you have a ball in here that has a jingle bell in a but i got an ok so just to several silver bowl, abbas small toys and then this is usually for on ages, 5 and a half to 8 months.

They can practice reaching in here banging on a double date and motor skills, yes, hand-eye coordination simulating that curiosity to learn because that's asking the question what happens ok, babies are going to be doing and they're very motor once they get going and they want to see and taste and touch everything about hey i want to ask you about these 2 because the this is something that i honestly could i could run to the store.

>> that could make this in 10 minutes, yes and could have a lasting a child yes.

>> so this is one of our favorite activities children lab it typically bring it probably say a teenage months on yeah, even through preschool age.

It's so we take pompom moms. we have this is the coffee creamer boxer with a small opening and they can practice hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills by putting the palm palm and pushing it in with their feet and children love to do this over and over again.

And then there's also the problem solving and motor skills of twists team, okay.

We need twist teen for right to rise has detained as a the strength buildup headline motors, yes.

>> and so these are all things that we can do at home now now that are helping their children get ready for school when they're 5 and said this is essentially a gatorade bottle with rice.

So this is what i'm not making light.

I mean that's how easy to make that yes and i just made this yesterday, okay, so kate or a bottle.

With some rice there's about 4 or 5 small object always see this year.

Ok so it's a homemade ice by bottle and you can talk about what the child sees there's a heart.

There's a little house whether you ok the letter u in you can customize this to your child if you're working on colors you can put small colored beads in there and say can you find the red.

It's so they can do this.

So again you're building language skills and you're having that share detention with your child that motivates them to learn how do we get in touch with you in the program to number one steele some more great ideas but also to maybe the maybe you're watching maybe you know family that can benefit from this.

>> all right.

>> and you can call our office our office number is 4, 1, 7, to 0, 8, 2, 0, 6, 9, you can also like us on facebook joplin parents as teachers and you can message us from there.

We post a lot of these ideas on our facebook wall one and then if we have any upcoming events coming up we post those on there too.

>> terry i want to thank you for coming in, and also too i want to thank you for your organization really helping out and the future generations of 4 staters going to be more intelligent than me because

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