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Legal Advice

Legal Advice

A few minutes away from 7 o'clock it is monday, warning as we do every monday morning about sty were happy to welcome her attorney friend gary massey gary good morning.

Why, if you have a question for gary.

Our number is 756.

Our number is 75- 1212 again 756-1212 gary while reviewing a call or two on the line would bring up the subject it happened last week between the cleveland browns and the pittsburgh steelers.

Remember quarterback mason rudolph got hit on the head, one a gentle tap.

It was all wac with his own zone help you.

Are there some sorts of crazy or some sort of criminal liability for situations like, well, there can be done.

It was discussed in that case i think they've decided no miserable city was o the press charges and sought reasonably, that means are not amicable charges in the case, but there can't be without him and what a contest when one of the you know there's a there's a reason agreement.

There's a consent which is a defenseless umbilicus.

All if you consent to participate in something so if you wrestle with somebody if yo play basketball with somebody and you you know you bang into each other in order for rebound or something that's consensual and it's not against the law.

But if a person comes out and grabs you to the ground, which is way outside the bounds of th rules, the matters not consent for that and it could be a violation there's been a few cases over the years, likable person brought a weapon onto th field or on the court or something like that were charge with a crime for what they did during a enough medicament short, i was half on the phone this morning barb is here joining us, barb.

Good morning.

It's your question for gary here is well laid out harbor charity and all that and enjoy.

I want to know is my here in georgia will almost a year's i'm not hundred percent certain but but almost percent certain.

Almost all the time when a will is executed in one state, according to the walls of that state in another state.

If the will is later offered it to probate.

Another state.

The stay words offered will look to the walls of the state where he was executed to make sure it was executed according to the wall so if it was executed in accordance with the laws of the state of georgia and florida and most of the time georgia will enforce that it states executed.

Also the walls of execution fro one state to the next are very very similar and so what would satisfy in florida might very well satisfy the execution requirements in georgia.

I don' know if he does that but there may be some and i'm not familia with the will of the will requirements of every single state so i can answer for absolutes or what's the biggest mistake most people make when they are doing the draft will the most the biggest people.

The biggest mistake people make is they think will i can draft thi myself.

I'll just type it up an also on that that is literally useless.

It would be better if you wrote it all in hand, but there have been cases in tennessee where a person wrote most of it in hand and then hav someone else on it and that invalidated other than trying to do it yourself is the biggest mistake mike are a professional when it comes to situation.

If you have any money is worth the cost that much.

I want ask you this question also like every week we hear stories of people, especially senior citizens falling victim to phone scams w dressed how not to fall victim to a phone scams don't give out your personal information, things of that nature.

They are pretty much common sense.

What are the legal ramifications for the people who work perpetrating the phone scam if they are caught your intimacy will catching him as that is th big difficulty, but there are really serious revocations for people who do it on.

There's been some some stories in the press recently about people eve call him, but it's usually a fraud charge.

They can also be a theft charge or embezzlement charges almost always a felony.

There are also federal charges for people who misuse the telephone or people who misuse the mail and so you can be charged with wire fraud, you could be charged with mail fraud in federal court with really long penalties it injure in prison and things of that nature like that.

I talked to a lady yesterday was asking me about a letter she got.

That wa supposedly from the department of revenue, asking her to send in proof of her car insurance.

I didn't see the letter i can't verify that it was a scam, but i've never heard of the department of revenue, asking for proof of insurance report from a person who hasn't been in any kind of collision or anything like that in human are geographic.

Also, someone's perpetrating the phone scam her in chattanooga.

Call someone in horrible for or dalton that becomes interesting fraud absolutely is the problem most of the people to do this do for now.

The country do it from a small island are they doing fro an eastern european bloc countries were very hard to catch.

If you have any doubt in your mind whatsoever.

Do not give out any sort of social information.

Thank you so you in touch with gary and the staff and massey of associates around on the highway phone number 697 phone number 697-4529 on the website passing attorneys.we have

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