St. Joseph's teen's backpack stolen

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St. Joseph's teen's backpack stolen

David Rauch says the backpack was given to him by his father who is in the military, he says he has no idea why someone would steal it.

St. Joseph's teen's backpack stolen

Backpacks are a necessity for kids and teens in school, and for some they can be extra special, but now a st.

Joseph teen and his mother are looking for answers after someone stole his backpack late last week.

<<ron johnson reportingit was introduced as a birthday present from father to son.

[david rauch] on my birthday my dad sent it to me years ago.

It quickly turned into one of david rauch's most prized possesions [rauch] i had it ever since i used it every year for my schooling and i take it everywhere.

His mom told us he and the backpack were inseparable[brittany mullin] he didn't care if it was dirty he carried it everywhere with him.

It was probably his most favorite thing in the world.

But last thursday all that changed when david said he was on his way to school, he says he left the backpack in the back seat of his car the night before and when he returned the next morning... [rauch] my backpack was gone and i couldn't find it.

David said after searching everywhere, he couldn't find the backpack on his own.

He says he just can't understand why someone would steal it.

[rauch] i was talking about it all day at school, it really upset me.

[rauch] it's nothing that can be replacedhis mom said she was determined to make the situation right.

[mullin] i told him i said i'll do anything i can to get it back so she took to social media, posting a picture of david with the backpack hoping someone out there knows something, she says she got a response from someone with the local military recruitment office.[mullin] he said he knows he can't replace the backpack but he would love to gift him one just to help out, i thought it was the greatest thing ever.of course, david says he hopes he can still find his stolen backpack, but he also says he can make room for the new one [rauch] i thought it was awesome, they said if i get my backpack back then i have two.>> david and his mom say they'll be picking up the new donated backpack tomorrow, meanwhile david says his stolen backpack did have his school issued laptop inside.

They plan to file a police report.

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