Narcan saves a live at Diamond Jo

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The miracle drug and quick work saved a life

Narcan saves a live at Diamond Jo

Thanks to the quick work of deputies in worth county, a person who overdosed on opioids is alive tonight.

And it's all because of a drug called, narcan.

Kimt news 3's nick kruszalnicki is live in northwood to explain.


George and katie á i'm at diamond jo casino right off of iá35.

Usually, this is the kind of place to come and have a little fun, and maybe walk away a few bucks richer.

But early this morning, it was the scene of a potentially deadly overdose.

"we have iv capability of giving iv narcan or naloxolone and it's pretty much an instant response when you give it iv.

The other routes are nasal.

Nasal is a very common route for first responders, emts, and even law enforcement."

Deputy chief carl ginapp with the mason city fire department says narcan works by binding its self to the same receptors as the opioids.

The reason opioid overdoses are so deadly á á they can cause respiratory failure.

Nats: ambulance.

"i believe even the general public can buy the nasal applicators."

Pharmacies like walgreens and walmart do sell narcan.

Mason city resident cindy meyer isn't in favor of having the medication so easily accessible.

"i think if it's over the counter available, it's going to become a more common thing with the kids, thinking they can overdose on opioid or do whatever they want and just come right back."

She is also concerned about the explosion in the use of opioids across the country and says more should be done to combat the problem.

"they got to buckle down on it somehow.

Pharmacies in minnesota also have narcan available for sale.

The nasal spray version costs around 130 dollars.

Live in northwood, nick kruszalnicki kimt news 3.

Thanks nick.

If you suspect anyone has overdosed on any drug, call 9á1á1 right away.

First responders suggest trying to find out what drug the person took and give that information to the dispatcher.

Kimt news 3's brooke mckivergan

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