Rome Rescue Mission

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Rescue mission prepares for the holidays

Rome Rescue Mission

Without it with the schedule where the schedule looks.

But whether they win, or lose.... always go utica at the yard cal2 the rome rescu mission still needs a little help when it comes to filling 600 thanksgiving food baskets it will give out this well as the 400 meals it serves on thanksgiving day...and the two hundred more hot meals it delivers that day.

Ads and all the two's gary liberatore shs u..the misson.of e notust abt feeding the needy.

"so can i stop you what does this mean a lot it means, this is just so awesome it means were able to provide all the needs and all the food for the holidays."

Rome rescue mission executive director matt miller in alone on tsunday morn thanksgiving.he has after the otheaer the other... tc : 19:38 "i can't believe all this fit ione suv.

Well it was a tight squeeze but we got it therer en did you get it all last night and today boy scout troop 11 and we clted from saint john the baptist and transfiguration churchwho is our charter sponsod the parishioners as you can see wer this is filling up the room we passed out the bags last week at the masses and we collected the food this week."

Boy scout troop 11 in rome's couting for food program sure has helped te bad rescue mission's last push...but so have so maother c do you say to them... tc : 23:57 "well it's amazing hothe community comes together and helps people in need although you read her but all these bad things the newspaper see it on the news and then you look and you got a this."

Tc : 59:50 "thank you very much is the big thing right now our needs are down to kandi ems or freshii and of course we need some gra, stuffing anthings of that nature just a real basic's."

The real basic goal of the rome rescue missiois to help pe all year long...not just give them a fe meal on thanksgiving.

Tc : 00:54 "our goal is to provide vocational training andr education but there's a lot of eds out ere r them ss of that."

Tc : 01:26 "on thanksgiving we uslly s about 50 pple thatwe've the first time coming in and it really gives us a good opportunity to reach out to them see what tirnm besides a meal and that's really real important for us that dialogue is so important it's the fittep in changing a life."

Tc : 10:20 "so what will be like in this kitchen thursday morning.


It'll be controlled chaos and it's one of the best times of the year."

And if you're thinking out there...hey i'd like t volunteer there thursday morning.... tc : 11:42 "are you full of volunteers we're actually capt.

Right now but you can probay e people for the prep work so monday through wednesday we're ing to be looking for preppers people that are peeling potatoes it'sn 500 or so poun that we have to peel and 50 turkeys so there's a lot of this goi on and if they'd like to participate or be involved in someway please call 337-2546... there you

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