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Say one person was shot.

The sheriff's office says they received a call sunday night around 6 for a reported shooting in the 56 hundred block of new harmony roa?just north of evansville.

Noah alatza has the latest developments on this story.



The sheriff's office is still on the scene this hour at a home off new harmony road following a shooting.

One suspect is in custody.

Authorities say an argument between a husband and wife was unfolding all day eventually leading up to the shooting.

Police say the gun exploded and both individuals were injured with superficial wounds.

Neither are cooperating with investigators after being treated for their injuries at the scene.

Major jason ashworth with the vanderburgh county sheriff's office provided this update to the press about an hour ago.

"so they are going to be getting a search warrant for the residence it is very early on but we do have both peopl?

The suspect in custody so neighbors nobody needs to be worried it is a domestic situation?

They will have a pretty extensive situation inside and once they do that and conclude with interview but we are a good ways off from this being over."

We caught up with some neighbors who lived nearby?

And they tell me there has been some incidents before with people believed to live at the home.

The sheriff says this crime scene will likely remain active for the next several hours as detectives continue combing through evidence.

This is still a very active investigation.

Authorities tell me the couple is not cooperating with them at this time and they have been taken to the sheriff's office for questioning.

We are told to expect an update by the morning.

Stay with 44 news on air and online as we continue to follow this breaking story.


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