Flu Hits Acadiana Hard

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Flu hits Acadiana Hard

Flu Hits Acadiana Hard

The flu is hitting acadiana hard...with new reports finding this area to be one of the sickest in the country.if you're not sick yet, it's not too late to save yourself... news 15 sat down with the regional medical director for the office of public health to find out more.

Nat cough, tissue, sneeze "we've actually had a very early start to our flu season and weve continued to see high levels of flu activity throughout louisiana."

Flu season is here."we can't predict what's going to happen the rest of the year but people do need to be aware the flu is circulating in this community."the cdc's most recent flu report found louisiana to be one of six h widespread flu activity.

The bad news?

Acadiana looks like ground zero... walgreens flu index finds flu activity highest in the nation right here in lafayette.

The worse news?

Doctors say now's the time even more germs could be spreading."we have the holidays coming up.

People are going to be in even more crowded situations than they are now, so it's the time to get your flu vaccination if you haven't already."the flu vaccine is your best hope for fending off the flu, but it's not always 100 percent effective."usually people who have been previously vaccinated will have a shorter course and a milder case of the flu, and actually the vaccine can help to prevent hospitalizations and more severe illnesses."that's especially important with the flu so rampant right now.

You'll likely spend hours in the waiting room to see any local doctors.

Lourde's is warning its patients ahead of time.

So get your shot now, and do your best to steer clear of any germs. 3 dr. stefanski says you should also steer clear of any friends of coworkers who are sick.... wash your hands often... and try to avoid touching your face to keep those

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