Creswell woman pleads guilty to stealing charity money

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Creswell woman pleads guilty to stealing charity money

Cassie Putnam, the Creswell woman who stole thousands of dollars from a mother of six, pleaded guilty to theft in the first degree.

Creswell woman pleads guilty to stealing charity money

Temperatures in the 30s.

An update on a creswell woman who stole thousands of dollars from her neighbor.

Cassie putnam has pleaded guilty to theft.

Kezi 9 news reporter emma withrow shows us what happened in court..

Emma: i was in the court room today and watched as cassie putnam plead guilty to a class c felony, but the mother of the alleged victim in this case said putnam is not getting what she deserves, and is getting off scott free just like she said she would.

Echo bell says an anonymous donor gave putnam the money... for bell's family... and she tried to keep some of it.

Bell says she only found out about it, when she posted about it online and the numbers didn't match up.

Yet after putnam finally came clean, echo's mom debbra says putnam demonstrated no remorse.

Debbra: "she tried to make it out like echo was a liar and she had no remorse, she didn't say she was sorry or that she could've done something different."

Putnam now has to take part in a nine month community mediation program.

Debbra: "we just wanna get echo moved from here and away from them.

Her children continue to bully my grandkids and basically we just want it to go away."

Emma: now we haven't heard back from the agency in charge of the community mediation program that putnam is ordered to attend, but echo bell said that in the victim documents she received it entails going to classes for 9 months.

"i know people who've done a lot less and got alot more.

But not really surpirsed on the fact that she said this was gonna happen, and it exactly did happen.

And she said she was gonna get away with it cause her husband is a sheriff."

If putnam completes the nine month mediation program the felony charge will be wiped off her record.

Reporting in creswell, emma withrow

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