Cal Fire warns of wet winter conditions during holiday travel

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Cal Fire warns of wet winter conditions during holiday travel

Cal Fire is reminding people to stay safe during holiday travel, especially with wet winter conditions on the way.

Cal Fire warns of wet winter conditions during holiday travel


We have a winter storm warning posted for foothbills and mountains from tuesday all the way until friday.

Now at the higher elevations we are talking several feet or more of snow during that period of time.

It will also snow into the foothills and even the northern end of the sacramento valley could see snow at times during this storm.

Expect travel delays and even possible road closures during this period.

Meanwhile ahead of the storm it was just another calm, mild day across northern california with temperatures once again in the 60's to near 70.

Humidity is low again it will come up tonight and we may get some patchy fog.

Meanwhile tomorrow the wet winter weather is on the way... action news now reporter amy lanski spoke to people about how this might impact holiday travel.

Carol kaiser - lives in chico "yeah, i have slid off the ice, back in wyoming it was a scary thing and i don't want to wish that on anyone."

Carol kaiser lives in chico now... but says she has had some scary encounters durign winter weather before.

"you got to be really careful, actually the most dangerous time is when it is between 32 to 34 degrees because of the black ice.

I was a commercial truck driver for many years, my huband just slipped, i was just telling leslie, he already slipped on ice in weeds, california, and it is happening."

Kaiser says people need to make sure they are driving slow.

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- people that tomorrow there will be high fire danger and burning is still not allowed.


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