Bill To Increase Survivor Benefits For National Guard

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Published 2 weeks ago -
Sophia Borrelli why an increase in survivor benefits may be needed.

Bill To Increase Survivor Benefits For National Guard

Expected to take ten months.

An alabama state senator wants to significantly expand survivor and education benefits for national guard members.

Right now, if a guardsman dies while on duty, his or her surviving family gets 10- thousand dollars.

This bill would increase it to 100 thousand.

Waay 31's sophia borrelli explains why the increase may be needed.

Jeremy livingston, huntsville: "anything to help the families out."

Jeremy livingston lives in huntsville.

He has family in the military and the national guard.

He believes a bill to expand survivor benefits would be a positive step in helping families who serve in the national guard.

Jeremy livingston, huntsville: "i don't wish death, and i hope they come back alive, and don't have to worry about that but, if something did happen, i would rather them have more to help the family out than just 10,000."

Senate bill eight was pre-filed by auburn republican tom whatley, who's a guard member himself.

In addition to increasing the amount of money given to survivors, the bill would also expand education benefits to guard members.

It would bring benefits more in line with those under title 32 ... which are funded by the federal government.

Livingston says the money could be a saving grace for families.

Jeremy livingston, huntsville: "they're putting their life on the line for other folks, then themselves and more than their families, there county so, they deserve a lot sophia look live: the alabama regular session will start in february 2020 and we will have to wait and see if this bill will make it out of the senate.

In downtown huntsville -- sophia borrelli waay 31 new.

According to the "alabama daily news" - the state has never had

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