Massage Therapist's Warning To Customers

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Massage Therapist's Warning To Customers

Sydney Martin talks with licensed massage therapists to learn what customers should look out for when getting a professional massage.

Massage Therapist's Warning To Customers

Tonight- waay 31 is hearing from licensed massage therapists - after a massage business was shut down.

Mei massage on university is the 5th north alabama massage business to be shut down this year.

It's accused of offering sexual services - and having unlicensed massage therapists.

4 others are being investigated for human trafficking.

Waay 31's sydney martin is live at mei massage with a word of warning to customers.


Dan, najahe-- the massage therapist i talked to today told me she doesn't want people to generalize what happened here to happening everywhere... and she told me what you should look out for before getting a professional massage.

Terra salisbury, massage therapist "when we have people who are filling in and pretending like they are gives a terrible name for us, and a lot of us love what we do."

Terra salisbury says she's been a licensed massage therapist for 8 years, and has spent a lot of money on continuing education.

She says in light of five recent busts in north alabama... customers should feel empowered.

Terra salisbury, massage therapist"they are in control of how the session goes.

We tell them that they can undress to their comfort level.

We kind of explain that if they are not comfortable taking off any undergarments even their at they are wearing they can leave those things on."

Salisbury said these signs are posted in every room where massages are given.

Terra salisbury, massage therapist"all of those yellow areas that you see those are areas we do not work on at all.

Those are completely off limits."

And she said if you enter a spa and feel it isn't clean or you get a bad vibe ..

You should immediately leave..

Terra salisbury, massage therapist "overall it should be a well lit area.

Some other things you want to look out for is if people are using baby oil, anything like those..those are non authorized products for massage therapists.

We have specific brands we can use."

The state massage board suspended the license for mei massage yesterday.

Today we learned it was already on probation for allowing employees to live on site.

The board set a hearing in january to discuss the suspension.

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