WCBI News at Ten - Monday, November 18th, 2019

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Published on November 20, 2019 -
WCBI News at Ten - Monday, November 18th, 2019

WCBI News at Ten - Monday, November 18th, 2019

Thanks for joining us tonight.

There will be a new, but familiar face soon leading the lowndes county school district.

Tonight, the school board appointed sam allison as its new district superintendent.

Allison currently serves as the principal at new hope middle school, and has been in that position since 2006.

The decision was announced after a nearly 2 hour executive session tonight.

Allison already being an administrator in the school district played a big factor in his selection.

Board members say they feel confident with their decision, and believe allison will continue moving the district forward and help them remain an a district.


" it's a very close race that's why it took so long to make a decision.

Mr. allison has a lot of history, he's got a lot of knowledge, and we believe he truly cares about the future of the children in this district."

" mr. allison being in the district, knowing our children, knowing how he's kind of move new hope middle school forward and everything, i think that really helped and stewart out.

I think he's done an excellent job and i think he will do an excellent job as our next superintendent."

The board says it will meet with allison in the coming days to finalize his contract.

Current superintendent lynn wright, will finish serving out his term until december 31.

Allison will begin his new position as superintendent on january 1, 2020 take developing story stinger a man charged with shooting his wife and leaving her for dead will not go to trial// adrian golden was scheduled to go to trial tuesday for attempted murder// today, he pleaded guilty to that charge in calhoun county circuit court// you may remember..

Golden is accused of shooting his wife, kimberly sisk, in bruce during the summer of 2017// golden was on the run for nearly a year and a half before he was captured in texarkana, arkansas// his sentencing is scheduled for friday// wipe to vo a shannon man will serve life in prison for the killing his mother on mother's day back in 2017// 36 year old antonio gladney admitted..... he argued with his mother at her home and then hit her in the head with a garden tool// her body was found in the carport as gladney fled// while in jail, gladney also attacked a jail officer and was charged with aggravated assault of an officer// gladney was sentenced to life for the murder and 25 years for the assault charge// wipe to vo a columbus man is charged with aggravated assault after an argument turns violent.

56-year-old issac brown was arrested after police say he cut another man// this happened yesterday evening on peach street on the city's north side// chief fred shelton says both brown and the victim knew each other// police say they were in an altercation when the victim was cut// that person was taken to the hospital and shortly released// bond has not yet been set for brown// first look stinger first look summary: nice and mild weather will be the story for the middle of the work week.

Wet and potentially stormy weather awaits for friday and perhaps even early saturday as an area of low pressure rolls our way out of the desert southwest.

Monday night: clouds and stars with perhaps a stray sprinkle or two.

Lows in the upper 30s with light wind.

Tuesday-wednesday: mostly sunny to partly cloudy.

Highs in the mid 60s to around 70.

Lows near 40 tuesday night but well into the 40s wednesday night.

When is the last time you used your library card?

With the rise of digital media and e-books..... some people have turned away from what was once the only place to find a wide variety of information.

Our stephanie poole has more on what local libraries are doing to keep up with the times..

In today's world, public libraries are getting a second look as a valuable resource.

"they are thriving.

I know a lot of people think they're not but there are those people that think the library is only about books,hardback books but it's not like that anymore.

We've had to conform and we had to roll with the times."

On average, jesse yancy memorial library in calhoun county has 40 visitors a day.

Branch manager janice vaughn says libraries are evolving into institutions which focus more on the quality of information, not only for longtime users, but also for their youngest patrons.

" several of our elementary classes come at the beginning of each school year.

Kindergartens do a walk through just to make them familiar that the library is here for them.

Fourth graders actually get their first library card and get to check out a book so that's neat we get to do that for them."

Although libraries may be looked as a powerhouse for all things books, they are now offering young adults with real-world programs in college and career readiness and technology .

"a-lot of people come here to fill out job applications,everything is just about online now so they have to come,especially people who don't have computers at home or who don't know about a computer.

They come here and help them access the applications and stuff.

If they take online classes online, they can come here and we are able to proctor their test that they take.

" vaughn says she and her staff are always here for their community's needs..

" we offer a lot of things besides just books."

Roll vo in monitor for more information on what services your local library has available, make the trip and check them out.

Christmas may be a month away, but some students are already getting into the christmas spirit... earlier today, more than a dozen young artists received prizes for drawings they submitted for this year's holiday art contest.

The theme for the contest was christmas movie magic.

Roughly 100 kindergarten through 5th grade students in the lowndes county school district submitted an entry.

The top 3 finishers in each grade received cash and will also serve as junior grand marshals in next month's christmas parade.

Stinger wx open sunny, drier, and cooler weather will continue for the end of the week now that the cold front has pushed through the area.

Rain chances slowly increase through the weekend and into early next week as our next cold front approaches.

Monday will be our best chance for showers and storms. wednesday night: cooler air will continue to move in overnight tonight with lows in the low to mid 40s.

Winds will be out of the north at 5-10 mph.

Thursday-friday: we'll see plenty of sun for the end of the week with highs in the upper 60s to low 70s.

A nice breeze out of the north will help to s comfortable through the day.

Morning lows will be in the 40s, so you may have to add an extra layer as you head out the door.

Saturday-sunday: temperatures will return to the mid to upper 70s for the weekend as a few showers slowly creep back into the area.

We'll keep rain chances lower for saturday, but there could be a few more showers on sunday as a cold front approaches.

Either way, the weekend overall will be pretty nice as many of us won't see rainfall and will see plenty of sunshine.

Monday: showers and storms will develop through the day and will likely last into the evening.

Some storms could produce heavy rain and gusty winds.

Stinger this time of year food is the centerpiece of celebrations, but when we come back.

But there are many who are having a hard time setting the table.

We look at ways to the weather is turning colder// the sniffles are starting and so is the spread of germs// we're talking about the flu tonight in our health talk with baptist// hi, i'm dr. lee richardson, a physician in the emergency room at baptist memorial hospital - golden triangle.

Tonight i want to talk to you about influenza, more commonly known as the flu.

The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat and lungs.

It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death.

Influenza symptoms can include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue.

Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in children than in adults.

Most experts believe flu viruses spread mainly by droplets made when people with flu cough, sneeze or talk.

These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby.

Less often, a person might also get flu by touching a surface or object that has flu virus on it and then touching their own mouth, eyes or possibly their nose.

Flu is unpredictable and how severe it is can vary widely from one season to the next and even from one part of the country to another.

Older people, young children, pregnant women and people with certain health conditions such as asthma, diabetes or heart disease are at greater risk for serious complications if they get the flu.

Join us next time for health talk with baptist when we will discuss the single best way to avoid getting the flu - the flu vaccination.

When people think of retirement, they think of living out their golden years with their savings or perhaps with social security.

However, experts in the golden triangle say living on a fixed income, in many cases, is simply not possible.

Sometimes, senior citizens have to choose between paying bills... or eating... "our seniors are the forgotten group out there.

Nobody cares about them... but i do, and the people that work here do."

Rudy johnson is the executive director for the golden triangle regional planning and development district.

He's worked with the area agency on aging for almost 30 years.

He say's elderly people who live on fixed incomes often face tough decisions.

"we go into homes where their social security check is $400 a month.

So, when you talk about medicine, what is somebody going to do?

Are they going to buy their medication?

Are they going to pay their electricity bill?

Are they going to pay their water bill?

Are they going to pay their gas bill?

... or are they going to eat?"

That's why johnson, through state and federal funding, helps run a meal delivery service for the elderly and disabled.

The service delivers about four hundred thousand meals a year to seven different counties.... but there are still folks on the waiting list.

"we shouldn't have anybody on a waiting list, but when we serve four hundred thousand, we just run out of money."

Area food pantries often step in to pick up the slack.

"we collect food all through the year.

We help people all through the year.

It's busier this time of the year, though."

Tatiana burgess is a cashier at the starkville salvation army.

She says the majority of the people who come in looking for food... are elderly.

"that's typically most of all the people that we help because they're retired most of the time, so they can't go to work, so they just come here and ask us if we can help them with as much as we can."

Burgess says, technically, her store is only supposed to help out if it's an emergency.

"sometimes it's not really an emergency, but you just know.

People just aren't able to help themselves at the moment, so i just try to use my best judgement on it and help them out as much as i can."

Johnson hopes that one day senior citizens will better served in the community.

"when is the last time you saw a commercial about a senior needing a home delivered meal... or a senior needing a meal, period?... you know, i love animals, but every time you turn your tv on, you see a dog, and you see people wanting to take care of that dog."

Walking talking reporter tag johnson says there are about two to three hundred people waiting to be put on the meal delivery program within the golden triangle region and surrounding counties.

Stinger another big night for hail state hoops... the highlights, plus our top five plays of the endzone, next in sports... just four more mondays of top plays left for the high school football season... every play amplified by the face that each touchdown could be their last as prep athletes...our top five plays for the second week of the postseason on the endzone --#5 tcps khi holiday---looks like a sneak, bounces outside td --#4 dre shumaker surgical dime to niselbrion kirk touchdown more coming #3 raheem hawthorn....will not be denied....touchdo wn #2 dre mccray 52 yard touchdown #1 dre shumaker to kaleb mosley.....mach speed touchdown alabama junior quarterback tua tagovailoa underwent successful surgery on his hip monday, and now begins his long road to recovery alabama's medical staff says they expect tua to make a full recovery...but no specific timetable has been made as to how long recovery will be head coach nick saban was asked today if the time since the injury had him second- guessing the situation....here is what the head coach had to say "he didn't have a problem with his ankle.

Certainly didn't look like he had a problem with his ankle, which would have been the only reason not to play him in the game.

It's an sec game.

Typically you play the best players on your team at every position.

So why wouldn't we play him?

If i knew he was going to get hurt, i wouldn't have played him.

And if i knew he was goign to get hurt, and if i knew if any player would get hurt id have taken raekwon out, id have taken ruggs out, id have taken them all out.

Unfortunately, we dont have that kind of hindsight."

On those other injuries, both raekwon davis and henry ruggs are considered questionable for the game against western carolina mississippi state needs to win out in order to contiune it's nine-year bowl appearance streak....and with the egg bowl less than two week away....the bulldogs are hoping to stay focused game by game the bulldogs face off against fcs opponent abilene christian on saturday....missis sippi state 7-0 all-time against the southland conference.... joe moorhead saying his team needing to stay focused for saturday with the big rivalry coming up on thanksgiving day "we need to be focused on the task at hand.

Certainly everyone knows what's looming on the back end of this.

Huge game, huge rivalry game.

Our focus will turn to that the second the clock hits zero with abilene christian.

But right now all of our guys focus and attention, the players and the staff, are focused on doing the things to get win number five and beat abilene christian.

Then when the clock hits zero, it'll be full steam ahead for the last game."

Mississippi state and abilene christian kick off at 6 pm in davis wade on saturday troy at mississippi state --xaria wiggins steal+layup --jessika carter steal+layup --pouring it on in the second--myah taylor dime to jordan danberry for two --danberry missed layp....carter there to clean it up and one....double double at halftime yet another 100 point performance from misisssippi still to come..

Chief meteorologist keith gibson returns nice weather for you tuesday wednesday as well maybe sour to thursday but that arranging there on friday but centers is weak much much more time is i saw the basic life friday off as it

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