Flight simulator at Purdue helping address pilot shortage

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Published on November 19, 2019 -
Flight simulator at Purdue helping address pilot shortage

Flight simulator at Purdue helping address pilot shortage

A new 10 million dollar flight simulator is helping answer a nationwide pilot shortage.

Purdue university recently began operating the hawker 900xp simulator.

News 18 balint szalavari spoke with aviation professors to learn how the simulator will make a difference.

According to the federal aviation administration, the number of pilots has dropped almost 30 percent over the last 3 decades as less new pilots are entering the industry.

Purdue's school of aviation is hoping to address that shortage with the hawker 900xp.

Standup: "purdue is e of two universitiesta hawker tter: "it's a full tiolevel d m ght level of maon device that t world.

Nat: "you can see the city of new york.

We departed from laguardia."

Assistant professor of aviation jason cutter says various simulations and emergency exercises can also be practiced.

Cutter: "the technology and training here that they're going to be using in their careers they g ing."

Tter says the chnology gives udents a heastar for the future.

Tr: "it reallyis the ability t th purdue's degrein 3 initiativ it allows students to get their degree in three years rather than four.

Associate professor of aviation brian dillman says this will help jump start a pilot's career.

Dillman: "seniority in airline is everything.

The sooner you get on the flight line, the more opportunity you have within that given airline.

So a year can be a substantial benefit to a student and their career overall."

Reporting from purdue, balint szalavari, news 18.

The degree in three initiative is estimated to save students 20 to 30 thousand dollars.

It is currently in its first year.

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