DRI plans Utica

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Published on November 14, 2019 -
DRI plans Utica

DRI plans Utica

100 of those.

Good evening once again.

Reimagining and reinventing downtown utica.

Thats the plan for the 10 million dollars awarded to the city from the state through the downtown revitalize initiative.

News channel 2's caitlin irla joins us live in the studio with more on the plans for this project.

Kristen the d-r-i is expected to enhance and grow downtown utica with new developments... some of the locations highlighted in the application that will be implemented are the stanely theater, munson williams, the desales building, and oneida national bank... and thats just to name a few.

The overall goal of these transformational projects are to reinvent downtown to unite the community, attract new residents and visitors, and stimulate economic investment... some ways to do that will be developing a new road design for public saftey, creating opportuity for green spaces and urban art, and revitalizing historic or vacant buildings.

The application was created with the help of the community foundation... and the ceo says the focus right now is genesee street.

"genesee street is kinda the center of downtown and revitalizing businesses there, infill development, helping businesses that are there, facade improvements intoducing public art, intoducing new experiences in walkability and connectivity to the neighborhoods and other areas so it really is about brining genesee street to a new level as the first project of many to make downtown a more vibrant place."

Now throughout the process, some of the projects may change and more will be added... and the next step is for now throughout the process, some of the projects may change and more will be added... and the next step is for the state and the city to put together a planning committee for these projects.

And i'm told the planning committee will hold public meetings for people to give their input and offer some ideas.

If you are interested in seeing the city's application, we will have a link to that

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