Paradise comes together to remember the past and look at the future

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Published on November 9, 2019 -

Paradise comes together to remember the past and look at the future

A commemoration was held on Nov.

8 at the Paradise Alliance Church for community members to not only remember the past but how they plan to move forward.

Paradise comes together to remember the past and look at the future

Members in paradise not only remembered the past, but how they plan to move forward.

Action news now reporter christina vitale is live at the paradise alliance church where the commemoration was held earlier this evening.


Alan tonight was filled with mixed emotionã laughter tears smiles a lot of hugs& it really showed the resilience of this community.

Sot: paradise in one word for me its home i would say tough, we're unique, why would i need another word besides paradise nat sound clapping paradise mayor jody jones opened the commemoration ceremony.

Sot: we will do as we have always done, work hard make tough decisions have faith in our ability to withstand the challenges ahead and once again create our peace of the world called paradise there was a moment of silence for the 85 lives lost in the camp fire sot: if you personally knew someone who lost their life in the camp fire will you please stand pastor john gallagher with the paradise alliance church reminded people in order to heal well you have to grieve well.

Sot: i witnessed complete strangers heroes of our community you saw random strangers putting people in their cars pick up trucks people that were complete strangers strangers that paradise town council member michael zucchillo recognized as heroes nat the paradise ridge elementary school chorus sang a song bringing tears to many eyes in the audience& but town council member steve crowder had the crowd roaring announcing that debris cleanup has been fully completed as of wednesday sot: 3 million 666,254 total tonnage of debris removed and the town has received 488 building permit applications which was double what they expected.

Sot: we now have an opportunity to build a brighter safer stronger future and together we can make this happen we got a look into the future and saw what hope plaza will look like sot: a magnificent gift to our community hope plaza is a landmark designed to be place of inspiration for our future the president of chico state university gayle hutchinson closed the ceremony reminding people acknowledge grief and nurture your resilience sot: and we cannot do it alone so i ask you to join elbow to elbow or even put your arms around the people in your row and as you do this tell them what youre grateful for and as your do this tell them that they are ok and that we are going to get through this together town council members reminded people it's a long road to recovery but they're steadily moving forward every day.

Live in paradisr christina vitale action news now.

There are more events taking place tomorrow... "the ridge lives on", remembrance and celebration fair, will take place at pine ridge school in magalia at around 10 tomorrow

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