"RESPONSE Act" Heads to Washington

Credit: KAVU-TV Victoria, TX
Published on October 25, 2019 -

"RESPONSE Act" Heads to Washington

The continued efforts to stop mass shootings in our state are resulting in new bills heading to Washington

"RESPONSE Act" Heads to Washington

State resulting in new bills headed to washington.

Newscenter 25's griselda perez, breaks this down and explains- as these images filled our news only months ago, mass shootings are still a problem that state leaders are trying to find a solution to.

Senator cornyn along with others oficially filing the response bill-- "all of these methods, and all of these things as a combination for us to try to develop a true pathway, to try and stop this violence is always appreciated by law enforcement."

The response act would federally fund programs focusing on mental health aid- bringing money into treatments at public schools and into law enforcement training..

"whether or not you're going to establish a security team in your schools or businesses, those are all opinions as to what;s the best way to attack this, those are all opinions, mental health is just one aspect."

The bill shows about 10 million dollars of existing funding for law enforcement to partner with mental health providers.

In jackson county, plans are already in action with the guardian plan- which allows teachers to have concealed fire gun on school property- "tell me a better way to stop an active shooter, you tell me a quicker way to save your children.

Quickly and efficiently with a well trained person, or armed with a firearm to stop the killing then, find me a different way, and i'll certainly listen."

Senator cornyn says quote "the response act is full of proactive, commonsense measures that will empower law enforcement and schools to better prevent mass shootings," in victoria im griselda perez fyhtn victoria county 4-h has partnered with cotton's

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