Holy City Sinner Shares Fun Events Happening in July

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Published on October 6, 2019 -

Holy City Sinner Shares Fun Events Happening in July

From a fun film series to parties, the Holy City Sinner has the lowdown on events to round out your July.

Holy City Sinner Shares Fun Events Happening in July

Seven six the uh the uh the girl his aggressor is a lover and he most definitely is the center hole the christian thing or is here to help us map out the rest of july with but as for the loners the lovebirds and fam.

Welcome back.

Thank you very much of a great interest and the joker.

Yes the boy the again and he got some really fun events for july.

It's really for everybody so let's dive right in to what's happening the rest of the month we've got national day after hot dog day party.

Yes yes it's a mouthful that event title and it should be as well as you can tell from the title it will be celebrating national hot dog day but the day after that actual holiday and why will the folks at rusty bowl brewing company were hosting it say they dislike thursdays better so that's why they're doing it on that day but of course to be hot dogs and brought settle be there for folks to enjoy the good of a pet tricks contest live music and a brand new beer to try the worst and that they know the value you are as these are the finest summer of swayze it we love a good patrick swayze horrors that way.

How could you not been to charleston yacht club is hosting this film series playing some of the classic patrick swayze movies are out there on the nineteenth they're going have a choice of either ghost or dirty dancing sea have to find out which when they choose to be dirty damp hay.

I mean they're both classics by adding a ago dirty dancing yes because nobody leaves me in the corner exactly the effect of the club i let's move on to trivia night i have so many friends that love trivia on the worst and worst at it.

So what's going on with tributes to receive your garden which is becoming known for an awesome place that to go for trivia nights especially because they do themes this one is arrested development a former fox show very popular show that's now on netflix so if you've ever followed the misadventures of the booth family.

This is the one for you you can win two hundred and seventy five dollars in house cash prize love it think i probably win that one right.

I really love real love arrested development the show and tell for adults.

I remember that in kindergarten yet this is going to be similar to that except you have the option of purchasing booze and food which you cannot do a new elementary school now.

This will be at gaps breakfast and abide which is downtown and the newer spot the knowledge potluck is going to be hosting this and you can sign up in advance or the night of you to bring something that's special to you has a good story behind it to be about five ish minutes per person to talk about whatever they brought out of you remember show and tell that my teacher told us we could never use the word and ooh that's hard that is very tough i don't think they're going to have such strict rules for the it's really really hard yes ok and we have another one i this is the slight slightly stoopid with stick figure and pepper.

That's right park with a lot of reggae groups in that they'll be performing it which is an awesome venue that has had a show there recently.

Right out there in north charleston slightly steep it's the headliner and as you mentioned stick figure and pepper will be the supporting acts should be a lot of fun i'm sure to be hot one out there so hydrate that starts at six p m it's a really good any though.

Yeah it's amazing the water that lil jon kasper confessional and sam hunt were just the people had a good time in a lot of videos and pictures from that then you're really nice guy at the state of the water behind it.

Some people out there in the boats enjoying the show so yeah should be really fun job is fantastic.

Let's move on charleston margarita festival.

I love a good margarita in this the new place to get one brittle bank park on the twentieth at seven p m there will be multiple bars and restaurants there.

Every entry at fifty margarita samples which is great you can try bunch of different ones of course is going to be food beer for purchase and full size margarita for purchases walter no salt salt rocks or frozen rocks right now i don't read the life tour starring boy words and culture club has come.

I know you love the eighties as i do as well so i had to put this on here for the two thousands will court but he still can love even if you were born then and only as a boy george and coulter called the b fifty two that are forming which is a lot of fun and tom bailey who was in the band called the thompson twins will actually open the show this is the volvo car stadium another fun venue that has awesome summer shows.

This just to be pretty great i love that ok real quickly the need to take a break but first birthday celebration south seas away says yes the spot in st.

Celebrating the first birthday there have live fire show a live drum show i surf rock band prizes for best hawaiian shirts oh and also polynesian pig roast meat to be a lot of fine right downtown if you like on

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