Man arrested for planning terror attack in Cleveland

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Man arrested for planning terror attack in Cleveland

Man arrested for planning terror attack in Cleveland

Parents and a brother.

### debbie debbie security is top of mind across the country..

As americans across the country kick off the 4th of july holiday week .

In ohio, authorities say they've arrested a man who was planning an independence day attack on downtown cleveland.

'karin caifa' has more on the arrest and why law enforcement say the threat spanned beyond cleveland.

### pkg authorities have arrested a cleveland man they say had a terrifying goal this fourth of july.

Justin herdman/u.s. attorney: this defendant was walking around downtown cleveland conduction reconnaissance on what he thought was a large scale attack.

On monday, the f-b-i cleveland division announced the arrest of say days ago he told an undercover agent he was planning to carry out a large- scale attack on the holiday.

Justin herdman/u.s. attorney: he looked for locations to park a van that would be packed with explosives.

Before his arrest sunday, authorities say pitts reiterated his plans to inflict mass harm and specifically target military members and their families.

The details are chilling.

Justin herdman/u.s. attorney: just yesterday he discussed giving remote control cars packed with explosives and shrapnel to the children of our military and uniformed members.

Pitts, also know as abdur raheem rafeeq, was charged in federal court with attempting to provide material support to a foreign been under f-b-i surveillance since 2017 after allegedly expressing his support for al qaeda.

Stephen anthony/ special agent in charge: pitts' statements of violent intentions continued to cause concern during the investigation.

The f-b-i says pitts also planned to target other cities, including philadelphia, where he had previously lived.

Authorities say the news shouldn't alter people's july fourth plans because the agencies involved did what they needed to do and will remain vigilant.

Steven anthony/ fbi special agent in charge fbi cleveland division: the reason the joint terrorism task force worked is because of all the people to my left and right and we are ever forever grateful.

In washington i'm karin caifa.


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