High School Softball: Ocean Springs vs. Brandon

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High School Softball: Ocean Springs vs. Brandon

When the Ocean Springs softball team gets rolling, watch out.

The Lady Greyhounds have three division I commits taking up three out of the top four spots in the lineup.

Today, visiting Brandon got a heavy dose of that.

High School Softball: Ocean Springs vs. Brandon

The ocean springs softball- team gets rolling... watch- out.- the lady greyhounds have three- division i commits taking - up three out of the top four- spots, in the lineup... and - today, visiting brandon... got - heavy dose of that.

- ocean springs hosting game 2 of- the 6-a quarter-finals, - versus the lady bulldogs... - coming in having won 12 out of- its - last 13 games.- bottom first, home team getting- right to work...- mississippi state commit kylie- taylor earthquakes- one, over the third baseman's - head... and there's the - speedy florida state commit,- haley fox... double for the - sophomore... run scored for the- freshman... 1-zip o-s.- and here's the older sister...- virginia commit mikaila fox goe- the opposite way... as the- - - - junior drives in laura cabana..- that name just sounds like a- vacation... 2-nothing lady- hounds.

- bottom second now, and it's mor- of the same... the- younger fox is a master slap- hitter... goes back through - the middle, to get mc-kenzie le- to the dish... ocean springs on- top, 3-zero... and counting.- next up, samaya james pin-balls- one right past the hot corner..- kennedy bahr is first to the- plate... followed by the- speedster... fox stomps on home- to make it 5-nothing home - team... two innings in the- books... and at this point, - - - - that's all the blood that reall- needed to be drawn.

- - ocean springs only needs to pla- four-and-a-half innings... as - the lady greyhounds run-rule th- opposition... 12- - zero shutout... punching their- ticket to south state... versus- harrison central.

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