Bowl for Kids' Sake

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Published on October 5, 2019 -

Bowl for Kids' Sake

Register for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Chattanooga's event Bowl for Kids' Sake, and help kids continue on a positive path.

Bowl for Kids' Sake

Bree >> which jack excessively specifically in chattanooga, beaufort.

They is about having time to help kids continue on a positive path all the details o the upcoming event is an accoun with a schedule for me because this is one of my april event every year.

It has the most important thing is it's for fun.

You don't have to big report rate five.

True, a lot of peopl think auto a lot of all i can barely score but you know it doesn't matter it's all about having fun and doing it.

The kids okay so tell me a little bit more about big brothers and they are big brothers big sisters of chattanooga great will we are a one-to-one mentoring organization and we'v been in chattanooga for 61 year and we served over 21,000 youth so far since we been here where we are always looking for volunteers.

We have around hundred 50 children waiting to be matched with a big brother were big sister and iv others are so many misconceptions out there that you may cost a lot o money or that it take for the timer that you have to be some kind of special superhero to make a difference) addresses concerns, i can say i worked with the big brothers and sisters in the tri-cities world today and a lot of other must, question i got was a how much time you have to invest in that this will we have a couple of different programs. if you are in our week five to inning on if that's a school suicide based program is one hour week and then 4 to 6 hours a month for the community program and we ask for your commitment, but i'm you know not really trying to replace the parent were just trying to have to run and it may be help the child experience things that they might not otherwise able to really give that child a mentor and a frien in me when i say yeah and so you're really well willing to work with all the volunteers to help them find the right it exactly what the time is available exactly is on your schedule we try to make the best match possible your matched wit the case manager and i'm you know we see where you live and your interests and personalitie and all of the things on the play when making a match case o a, april 4 two and 21st, just two days.

You can select from a list of her time.

Also, exactly were excited to share.

We have asked candidates are first time in a really long time that we had to date nights of spare tim, dixon and e can choose your time and your sessions that we have 11 to 1 and two were on both of those state and this is perfect for businesses that want to put them together just groups of friends with the youth groups o the church really anyone's exact the first or to a team and it's a great teambuilding activity and again, it all helps us all the proceeds stay in our community and help us make more matches, which is really important.

Users always childre waiting in, especially right now we have a lot waiting so all this money helps us to make sure that the background checks are dying our references in the allstate matches romanticism, exactly, is the best place for someone to register for a team to enter the event when they can give us a call or visit our website and there's only here that i you know will show them where to go.

Also, our faith page and insta grandma twitter all of those have the nation on their perfect is there a deadline to register you can show up at space.

There are a couple of intercession that are more popular than the others.

And so if there's always welcom just to show up on the day out okay i'm otherwise you know we love to hear from you had a times a week and make sure to get you in a a good session that has a purpose.

Everyone make sure that you are getting your teams together again teams of four to date this year were teaching the 21st, 11 am or 2 pm at spare time index and to register the bps is correct everything.

So much for joining feelings

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