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Military dad comes home after being away for nine months and surprises his kids at school.


Air force major was reunited- with his family after - surprising his children at- school today in d'iberville.- the military dad has been - serving our country for nearly - year- overseas.

- news 25's gina tomlinson shows- us the heart-warming home-- coming from harrison county.- - nats- " your eyes!"

'clapping'- an un-expected family - reunion.... - nats- "their dad has been gone for te months.."

In the middle of the- school-day... - clare gautreaux- daughter - "i didn't know at was really shocking i'm - really happy..."

17-year-old clare gautreaux was- brought to tears when her - - - - father steve gautreaux surprise- her and her brother - at d'iberville high - school....the two hugging their- dad for the - first time in nearly a year, in- front of clares r-o-t-c class - mates.- steve gautreaux - "it's wonderful to see them in anyway but to - be able to surprise them like - that, it makes me really happy- to show how special our - family is.."

The four other children in the- gautreux family go to north - woolmarket elementary... they - were reunited with- their dad on stage during lunch- - - - ellie gautreaux - "my daddy came home" anna gautreaux- "me and my dad are very close s i was very- happy to see him again" gautreaux was gone for close to- ten months deployed near- syria, serving our country as a- health-care provider with - the united states air force.- "doing the work is hard but thi is much much- harder, being away from - family..."

Gina- "now the kids are on spring break and they- get to share a special two week- reunited as a's- what they plan to do" ellie gautreaux - "that we get to play board game together''- thomas gautreaux- "i really want to do the roleplay we've been - doing with dungeons and - dragons."

Clare gautreaux - "hang out with him definitely!"

And it's clear what's at the to- of this military dad's agenda - during his short break from the- service.- "my family of course.

Everythin else just - fails in comparison.

Just being- here with my wife and my kids."

A happy homecoming just in time- for easter.

- in harrison county, gina- tomlinson news 25.-

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