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Published on October 5, 2019 -
Sunday 3/4 7a a block

Sunday 3/4 7a a block

Now at 7: windy weather cleanup continues -- how people in our area are picking up this morning.

Plus -- trade war.

President trump is tweeting about trade deals and policies -- what it all means, and how much it could cost.

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We continue our coverage this morning 25-thousan* customers in virginia are*stil* in the dark after a major wind storm blew through the state and up the east coast.

This is a look at the current outages in our viewing area through appalachian power.

All together, the counties you see in red show about 17-thousand people still without power.

And the counties in orange have about 4-thousand without power.

A-e-p expects to have the power completely restored by*lat* monday night.

Because of those power outages, campbell county officials say the livestock road transfer site is closed.

Yo're asked not to bring any trash there until monday night.

Other campbell county transfer sites are staying open.

Fire crews spent hours battling a 10 acre fire on purgatory mountain.

Buchanan, troutville and botetourt county fire crews shared these pictures.

They say the've been able to completely contain the fire.

But they think it may have started with a downed power line.

Dry conditions and steady winds made it fast moving.

One person had minor injuries.

Forecastyet def morning a little chilly we still has a breezy conditions morning were seen some hometowns i may be about ten to fifteen miles per hour 15 mph jamaican things feel a little cooler here building twenty seven and went for 29 twenty seven blacksburg of michael lafon in a bloomfield fourteen in hot springs so some areas are feeling a bit of it she'll across the region so be prepared to shout out the door local across many hometowns i'm expecting breezy conditions morning and eighties gus died and about ten maybe fifteen 1520 miles probably for today but still relatively breezy but not as wendy's yesterday or the day before with all those really gusty conditions yourself through the morning hours when jewels will be a factor and see some pretty nice conditions later on this afternoon with some sunshine you can get outside because we are talking about some pretty big changes your next system comes in and bring some rain chances maybe some snow to the western slope of the appalachian mountain behind it all season breezy and much cooler conditions probably the coldest air we felt in about a month across many hometowns so it outside and enjoyed today because we will see some cooler conditions for the middle and end of the week people in our area are still cleaning up from the wind storm that swept through the region.

And some say ther's a silver lining in it all.

Wdbj's bianca holman shows us how homeowners are moving forward.

Sound : wind corky crowder has lived in this botetourt county house for more than 30 years.

Corky crowder, botetout resident: "we always have wind on this hill but this is the highest w've ever seen."

It was that aggresive wind that snapped this 60 foot maple tree.

Crowder says he assessed the tree a few years ago to make sure if it did fall it would't hit the house.

Corky crowder, botetourt resident: "the lord was looking out for us on that.."

Before crowder breaks out the chainsaw, he has to wait for the appalacian power to handle the electrical lines.

Over in roanoke city this entire row of houses on trinkle avenue experienced outages when this pine tree crashed onto these powerlines.

However, for renters like joe staton, he must wait till the landlord assesses the damage.

Joe staton,roanoke city resident: "once they find a day where i's not windy cold it probably would't take them an hour or two to chop that up, get it loaded on a truck and get it away from here."

Crowder sees a silver lining to this entire situation, because this tree will heat his home for the next six months.

Corky crowder, botetourt resident: "it still is good wood, i'll get put to use."

In botetourt county, bianca holman, wdbj7.

A six-year-old boy from chesterfield died early friday morning - after a tree fell onto his famil's home.

Officials say anthony hamilton was asleep on the top bunk of his bed - with his sisters below.

A massive tree came crashing down on the back bedroom - pinning anthony to the bed.

"she got the girls out, she was trying to get the tree off of anthony by herself but she just could't do it.

Sh's guilt ridden, she just said,'i could't get it off of him' she said,'i tried."

Firefighters had to use saws to cut away pieces of the bed to get hamilton out.

A neighbor insists h'd complained to management repeatedly about unstable trees around the home - but says nothing was done.

New this morning --- virginia state police is searching for .

68-year-old mae sharif.

Take a good look.

She was last seen yesterday wearing a green shirt and black pants near richmond.

Sharif was on her way to baltimore in a green 20-14 chrysler town and county minivan.

Authorities believe sh's in danger and may need medical attention.

Contact state police if you have any information.

The teacher strike in west virginia will continue after a surprising turn of events at the statehouse where the senate moved to* lower teacher pay raises.

There were some technical issues with the bill, ultimately the two houses could't agree.

They introduced the idea to give all public employees a four percent raise, instead of teachers, service personnel and state police five percent.

So teachers on strike are't leaving anytime soon.

:55-1:14 senator john unger- (d) berkeley, 1* "the've already had the promise of the 5% from the governor, and the've already had written assurance from the house.

Now yo're saying w're going to give them a written promise of a 4% raise?"

The senate sent the new four percent raise proposal to the house, who refused to agree.

Now it goes to a conference with both houses.

A march in austin, texas supporting president trump leads to one arrest.

Some of the counter protesters were dressed as clowns as you can see -- they met marchers every step of the way.

Police worked to keep the opposing groups separated, but the occasional clash forced the officers to make one arrest.

The president has been tweeting about his willingness to wage a trade war.

He called u.s. trade deals and policies "very stupid" and said, "no more."

On thursday, the president said he plans to protect american workers by making it more expensive for other countries to ship steel and aluminum to the u.s. weijia jiang is at the white house.

<<(sot-potus "you will have protection for the first time in a long while, and yo're going to regrow your industries."

(track 1) president trump promised manufacturing executives a level playing field with (gfx 1 in) new taxes on some imports, known as tariffs... 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum.

But the idea quickly sparked fears of a trade showdown with china and other u-s trading partners.

(gfx 1 out) canadian prime minister, justin trudeau.

(sot-pm justin trudeau// newspath:20180302 - fri0312) "w're impressing upon the american administration the unacceptable nature of these proposals that are going to hurt them every bit as much as they will hurt us."

(track 2) in wisconsin, the governo's announcement of new jobs at a local metal company was overshadowed by concern.

(sot-governor scott walker/r-wi-- newspath: 20180302 - fri0436) "we fear here in wisconsin it would be pushing jobs out of wisconsin, out of america, and encouraging companies to up and move to say canada or somewhere else."

(track 4--two shot or walking w/ wj) scott paul is the president of the alliance for american manufacturing.

(sot-jiang question @ 13:33:29) "what is stopping our trading partners like china from taking their business elsewhere?"

(sot-scott paul- 133440) there will be an adjustment as we rebalance this, but i think every other nation knows the've been getting a good deal in fact i would call it a gift from the united states and now we expect reciprocity.

(sot-jiang on camera tag unlike other policy changes such as gun and immigration reform, president trump can impose tariffs using executive action.

The president says the details are still being written, but he plans to sign off on the changes next week.>> the white house was on lockdown after the secret service says a man shot himself near the north lawn.

This is footage of the scene.

You can see here plenty of police presence.

President trump was not at the white house at the time.

He was in florida at the time.

He was briefed on the situation.

No other injuries were reported.

Spirit airlines flight 237 made an emergency landing after a woman on board claimed she had a bomb.

The flight departed from fort lauderdale, on its way to colombia, was diverted.

It parked in an isolated area of the airport --- which was shut down for about 20 minute -- during a search, where no bomb was found.

That woman was detained the airline has not issued a statement yet on this.

The search for missing malaysia airlines flight 370 will end, likely this june.

Malaysian officials made the announcement that a texas-based company, ocean infinity, started a new search in january.

They have a deal, if they do't find anything, they wo't pay ocean infinity.

It has 90 days to look for the plane, which could spread over a few months.

Families of passengers marked the fourth anniversary of the plan's dissapearance with hope the mystery would by solved.


Soundbite (english) grace nathan, relative of mh370 victim: "four years for us, is the same as four hours, four days, four weeks, we still really really miss all of the people that we love, we still do't know what happened to them."

They lit candles, and observed a moment of silence for the plane that went missing back on march 8th, 20-14 with 239 people on board.

Cherry blossom lovers in the washington d-c area may get their fix early this year.

The national park service says they expect blooms to peak for the capito's iconic trees between march 17th and march 20th.

But other experts believe that the blooms will peak a little later, between march 23rd and march 27th.

The trees are considered to be in "peak bloom" when 70-percent of the blossoms are open, which

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