daca reaction

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Published on October 4, 2019 -
daca reaction

daca reaction

Dozen of dreamers are students at virginia tech.many are concerned about their futures and they hope congress will come up with a solution before the presidents deadline.wfxr's lauren taylor spoke with students who have benefited from daca - lauren many are worried their dreams for will be derailed by this decision.

Many students i spoke with are sad to see the president end the daca program.i spoke with one dreamer at virginia tech - he tells me he's hoping congress either votes to keep the daca program or comes up with a different solution.

00 - 05 juan hernandez is a senior at virginia tech - he's studying biochemistry and dreaming of going to med school "daca has been a huge help to not only me but the entire un- documented community"but his dream could be over if congress can't find a solution to the daca prgram."once the announcement came, it wasn' really a state of shock.

It was a state of being really upset but we all knew it was going to happen on september fifth"in june 2012 - president obama created the da program through executive action.

Because of it nearly 800 thousand undocumented immigrants have been able to get a drivers license, enroll in college, and even secure a job.

Hernandez hopes lawmakers wont punish dreameers for thier parents mistakes."of course i want to see my friends succeed, i want to see myself succeed.

Not just for our sake but we do want to give back to this country.

A lot of people say things like, 'oh they just want to take advantage of what this is.'

But no, we've grown up here, this is what we know as home."

If congress can't come up with a solution - nearly 300 thousand formerly protected undocumented immigratns could lose their status next year.

President trump tweeted a little over an hour ago saying he's giving congress six months to legalize daca and if they cant come up with a solution - he will re-visit the issue.

House speaker paul ryan saying today - he believes congress will be able to come up with a legislative solution in

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