Stef's Summer Vacation

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Published on October 4, 2019 -

Stef's Summer Vacation

The Co-hosts of 'Central Valley Today!'

Are back together again on the red couch as Stefanie returns from her Summer Vacation.

Stef's Summer Vacation

Better life center.

We're going to tell you how in just a bit.

>> welcome to the show everyone.

Central valley today.

>> the gang is back together.

>> yeah.

We're so glad to be together again.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that you had a great vacation.

We missed you a lot.

But we know that you were celebrating your family at a family reunion.

Tell us all about it.

>> i took some days off from my central valley family, to celebrate my beloved family.

We were all celebrating in the natural state, which is arkansas, at my dad's farm.

There we are, my sister and my cousin and just had a good time.

It's so important to get together with family.

>> look at daddy.

>> he organized it.

We went on the float trip down the river, water and golfing and eating.

I feel like i'm part of the family now.

>> oh, yes.

>> because i got a little family reunion mug.

So thank you.

>> you are welcome.

>> that is your gift.

You are part of the family.

>> thank you.

>> look at that with the family tree.

That's really nice.

I love it.

Thank you

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