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Published on October 3, 2019 -
FOX24 News at 7

FOX24 News at 7

((rick)) sfc high pressure will expand across the region through the weekend providing dry conditions with a steady warming trend into early next week.

Computer data from western u.s. sites sampled seasonably extreme mid level heights within the high amplitude ridge that will translate eastward across the plains by rly next week.

Resultant conditions will remain dry and above normal the fox 24 news at 7 starts -- right now.

((jennifer)) ((rick)) sfc high pressure will expand across the region through i'm jennifer penate.

((chris)) and i'm chris frye..

(ad lib...) ((chris)) the decision to repeal and replace obamacare - with an amended version of the american health care act - is now in the hands of the senate.

((jennifer)) the u-s house of representatives - passed the act on thursday - with 217 votes for and 213 votes against.

No democrats voted to support the bill.

20 republicans went against party lines - and voted against it.

### president donald trump - "and this is, make no mistake, this is a repeal and replace of obamacare, make no mistake about it.

Make no mistake" ((jennifer)) all four representatives from arkansas voted to pass the bill.

### ((chris)) there is currently no timetable to pass the bill.

There have been reports that a group of senators - is considering writing its own legislation.

The bill now heads to the senate.

Right now the act - would provide refundable tax credits based on a person's age and income.

It would also allow states to waive some protections for those with pre- existing conditions, while letting insurers charge higher rates to older consumers.

A 30-percent surcharge would also apply on premiums of those who let their coverage lapse.

### ((jennifer)) a bill signed by governor asa hutchinson - will cut thousands of people from the arkansas works medicaid program.

Right now - about 320 thousand low income arkansans have health insurance through arkansas works.

If approved - the law will mean only those who fall at - or below - the federal poverty line will qualify for the program.

That cuts roughly 60 thousand people - who will then have to get insurance through the marketplace.

But - the governors office says that doesn't mean they are left out.

### j.r.

Davis, governor asa hutchinson's communication director - "it's important to note that those individuals can have the exact same access to healthcare and insurance they had before on arkansas works through the individual health marketplace."

((jennifer)) under the new legislation - people who are healthy, younger than 50 and who don't have dependent children -- have to at least be seeking a path towards employment -- if utilizing arkansas works.

Before the law is implemented in arkansas... it must approved on a federal level.

The governor's office says if approved it will take effect january 1st..

((chris)) a review of the future rules - for growing and selling medical marijuana in arkansas - is complete.

Lawmakers wanted the review - and the arkansas general assembly - decided not to make any changes to the plan.

The state's medical marijuana law - will take a major step forward - this coming monday.

### rep.

Doug house, (r) north little rock - "there are literally thousands of people in the background now that are all preparing for this big seismic change in arkansas culture."

((chris)) dispensary applications will be pooled from eight geographic zones.

Licenses will be assigned accordingly -- with a limit of four per county.

For both dispensaries and cultivation facilities, arkansans who have lived in the state for at least seven years must hold 60-percent of ownership.

### ((chris)) we've all heard urban legends and rumors about absurd laws in america... but you can't believe everything you read on the internet.

((jennifer)) some websites -- which rarely link to states' current statutes -- misinterpret the laws and only perpetuate the myths.

Tonight -- in a fox 24 special report -- we'll open the arkansas law books and take a closer look at how many of us are breaking the law.

But to be fair -- none of us are likely aware it's happening.

No matter how you feel about the health care issue... guns on college campuses... or the economy... you should at least be able to chuckle over these outdated laws.

## janine parry, political science professor, university of arkansas - "well, you have to consider the context of why someone would implement something like that.

A lot of times these are resolutions, not necessarily law.

But it's because there was a problem or a perveived problem at a different time in history."

((jennifer)) fox 24 decided to undertake some legal legwork and identify the strangest statutes in arkansas.

It's a story you won't see anywhere else -- and it's tonight -- only on fox 24 news at nine.

### ((jennifer)) in rogers - you can get help with passport preparation, replacing travel documents and other services.

The mobile station - is offering free legal help - specifically for power of attorney documents - as part of a partnership between the mexican consulate - and the rainwater holt and sexton law firm.

It will be open from nine to four today and tomorrow.

### ((chris)) construction projects along i-49 are delayed because of recent flooding.

Overnight lane closures from interstate 49 to arkansas 1-12 will be extended.

Workers will close all lanes of i-49 -- between wagon wheel road and arkansas 264 -- in 15- minute intervals -- between ten p-m and six a-m through next friday, may 12th.

Crews are hanging steel beams for the u-s 412 northern bypass.

### ((jennifer)) another beautiful day is expected for day four of the bentonville film festival.

((chris)) fox 24's dana winter is live in bentonville -- with details on some of today's activites.

Dana good morning.

((dana)) good morning guys.

Activities here at lawrence plaza - back on track as originally scheduled both thursday and today.

Sponsor village promises to be full of the festival's sponsors - all meeting visitors and giving away gifts.

It's an event organizers wanted to make sure was friendly for the whole family.

((dana)) movie screenings - are a huge part of the festival.

"parker's anchor" showed last night - and it was written and directed, by a husband, his wife and her brother, who all live in los angeles, but filmed the movie in northwest arkansas.

The cast is made up of over 50 percent women... so the organizers thought this festival was the perfect place to premiere the film.

Jennica and ryan schwartzman wrote the movie -- and both also star in the production.

It introduces the topic of infertility.

The film isn't based on a true story - but the issue is something five million people in the u-s deal with every day.

The creators say shooting "parker's anchor" here was a piece of cake compared to filming in california.

### jennica schwartzman, "parker's anchor" - "we could have filmed anywhere and we could have showcased any community, the people here are unique, the artistic community is incredibly supportive and honestly the business base here is unmatched."

((dana)) another arkansas tie - the schwartzman's one week old baby is named winslow after her father's home town here in arkansas.

### ((dana)) here's the rundown on what's going on today.

At one - you can catch low riders with theo rossi.

At five - it's six below featuring mira sorvino and josh harnett.

And at eight-fourty- five it's axis with aisha tyler.

These films are followed by question and answer sessions with the stars themselves.

((dana)) and folks can come by and meet some of your favorite knwa celebrities, we have a booth here on lawrence plaza.

There's a lot more going on throughout the day - you can see the full lineup on the b-f-f app.

We've got a link for you to download it on our website that's fox 24 news dot t-v.

Live in bentonville - dana winter - fox 24 news.

((jennifer)) dana, thanks.

### ((jennifer)) we're just getting started here on fox 24 news at 7.

((chris)) but first - meteorologist rick katzfey has the traffic report - rick.

((rick)) sfc high pressure will expand across the region through the weekend providing dry conditions with a steady warming trend into early next week.

00z raob data from western u.s. sites sampled seasonably extreme mid level heights within the high amplitude ridge that will "live from the dickson in hd, chris frye, jennifer penate and meteorologist rick katzfey.

This is fox24 news at 7, your life, your news.

Closed caption is sponsored by parkhill clinic for women" if you've spent any time in the laundry aisle recently, you probably already know: laundry is changing.

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