Trending topics & viral video-tiger time

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Published on October 3, 2019 -
Join us in trending.

Trending topics & viral video-tiger time

Its time for our trending topics of the day.

We're joined by abby to discuss coachella, uber and celebrity goodie bags.

((anthony))first up.

Beyonce has some dissapointing news for her fans.

She's now post poning her coachella performance until 2018.

And organizers are hoping she isn't totally irreplaceable.

The superstar dropped out of the festival line up due to advice from her doctors.

She is supposed to keep a less busy schedule in the coming months.

Now she did perform at the grammys-- but at this point she won't be performing for a while.beyonce is expecting twins with her husband jay z.

Jessica & anthony discuss beyonce postponing coachella.

((jessica)) its been a rough week for uber.

Google's self-driving car company, waymo, is suing uber for allegedly stealing self driving technology trade took waymo seven years to design and build a system for self driving cars.

And now uber claims to have done it in 9 months.waymo claims the lawsuit was possible because a former employee stole the designs and technology to start a new company.the two companies have had a rivalry since the beginning and compete for the same engineers.

An uber spokeswoman said that they are taking these allegations seriously.

Jessica & anthony discuss uber .

((abby the academy awards are sunday... and as always, even the losers are winners--- taking home swanky gift bags.

This year... they include 100 thousand dollars worth of goodies--that's less than previous years.

The most expensive gift is a five night vacation to hawaii... smaller gifts include a cpr kit..

And a customized crayon set.

Jessica & anthony discuss academy award gift bags.

((anthony)) our instant connection poll is also coming up -- today we want to know ..

Do you plan on watching the academy awards this weekend?it's easy to participate.just go to our facebook page right now and click on the link.

We'll check back in with your answers throughout the hour.

((jessica))and now its time for our viral video of the day.

((anthony))alex corradetti is live in the interactive zone to tell us more.

Alex what's viral today?

((alex))i'd really love to see some ceelo green costumes in those bags so they can replicate his look at the grammys.

But anyway-- its tiger time and what im about to show you is certainly "great".its tigers chasing a drone.

And they certainly wanted us to hear them roar.

Check this out-- a tiger enclosure in china uses a drone to help keep the well nourished tigers fit.

So they like to chase it around until they knock it out of the sky.

The drone seems to be in control gliding through the air-- leaving most tigers trailing behind.

But a slight mistake was costly for the drone--one of the tigers shows why they are among the deadliest predators leaping into the air and smashing it to the ground.footage from a second camera shows how they immediately gatherd around the leftover pieces of the drone.

And tear it to bits.

((alex))but dont worry guys-- staff arrived to recover the reamins .they are the largest cat species and im not álion.

Isn't this a bit scary?back to you.

((anthony))thanks alex.

((anthony)) its almost time to kick off the weekend with a little music.((jessica))and its all for a local play.its all coming up in friday jams. stay tuned

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