Trending Topics - 2/23/17

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Trending Topics - 2/23/17

Trending Topics - 2/23/17

Kelly: i love it!

Thank you!

>> joy: tom, i'm so sorry.

>> jeremy: joy, that sounded like an awesome, fun time.

>>> speaking of our social media, on our facebook we posted lots of questions this week for our trending topics section.

This first one -- i didn't mean it to be controversial.

But there were a lot of opinions.

Let me say, i don't think any of you are right or wrong.

There's no right or wrong answer to this.

I want you to know that.

Because this week, hoda announced a surprise that she had adopted a baby girl.

And george clooney is expecting his first child this year with his wife.

Hoda is 52.

George is 55.

We posted: do you think it's better to have kids later in life, or younger?

And here what you said.

Michelle, let's see what michelle said: i was 21 when i had my son.

And 42 when i had my daughter.

So i don't know what she's trying to say.

But i guess it worked out great.

And she's saying both ages are great.

Thank you, michelle.

We're going onto brenda.

Brenda said, no matter the age, as long as the child is loved and taken care for.

Age is only a number, but love for a child is forever.

I do agree with that.

As long as you love that child, that's amazing.


Angie said, i think having kids at a young age is better.

When they are adults and on their own, you're young enough and free so you have all the energy for the grandkids.

Angie, my mom agrees with that wholeheartedly.

Carroll says, not my place to tell someone else when to have their children.

Well that, is good to keep your nose in your own business!

I agree with you, carroll.

Donna says, i feel it's no one's business.

I agree with live and let live.

Last, cindy says, god bless them all.

I am 57, and being a grandparent is tiring beyond belief.

I cannot imagine being a parent.

Especially of a new born or a baby.

So kudos to them.

I agree with that, cindy.

It's exhausting when i'm with my n nephews and nieces.

Barbie said rich people have the money to hire help.

It works for them.

Their business, don't worry about the ange; it's just a number.

A lot of you brought up great points.

A lot brought up money, which it helps if you're rich.

Again, george clooney is 55.

Miss wife amal is 39.

Is it sexist to say a man is not too old but a woman is?

Do you agree?

>> kelly: it's science.

>> tom: it's up to the parents.

>> joy: i do, too.

>> tom: as long as you love the child.

>> kelly: good to go.

All right.

>> joy: there you go.

Jeremy, thank you.

>> jeremy: now we also have been posting fun questions.

Maybe it's like multiple choice.

Like last week we had the ugly bathroom contest.

This week, we had four homes that you would most want to live in.

And i really like these homes.

I was surprised by the answers.

Mary said, i love a.

It's very mid-century modern.

But i think i'd like to live in c.

A lot of people agree with you, mary.

Billy said, if b was overlooking a river, it would be perfect!

I do agree with you on that one.

That's the perfect lake or river house.

Justin said, they're all beautiful.

But i would live in b.

I like the old western feel that b gives.

Again, you're not alone, justin.

A lot of people felt that way.

Alicia said, i'll go with d.

If all the bills are paid for!

That is very good.

Heating and cooling, big expense, lighting, electrical, that's a big mansion.

Debbie said, would love d but can only afford b, lol!

That's true.

And sandy said d, if i'm going to dream, i'm going to dream big!

Oh, that is so true.

I'd take d also.

And tabitha said, any of them, all of the above.

A, i'll take with what i can get.

But i'm not a huge fan of the mid-century modern look, if that's what you call it.

You are correct it's mid-century modern.

I would pick a.

I love a.

Overwhelmingly, winner was b.

>> joy: i'd take any of them.

If you

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